Apple patents an iPad keyboard that actually turns it into a Mac


This new patent brings us a very interesting solution to the iPad, with a new interface when connecting an external keyboard.

A new patent just acquired by Apple shows a new iPad keyboard that not only makes iPad more useful, but also completely transforms it into a Mac by changing the interface Of the device. The possibilities of iPadOS have been talked about many times, especially when we use it with an external keyboard and mouse, and this patent makes these possibilities a reality.

Actually, what the patent seems to show is a kind of hybrid device, similar to Microsoft’s Surface, a kind of MacBook with a touch screen. But we know that this is not within the philosophy of Apple. Right now iPads and Macs have the same M1 processor. So the only possibility is that of an iPad keyboard that slightly transforms it into a more desktop-oriented device.

patent ipad keyboard

This is Apple’s latest patent

As reported patentlyapplethe patent also suggests that the keyboard hinge can magnetically support the Apple Pencil or it can even support other accessories like a camera, projector, or microphone. Of course, the iPad itself should be updated when this accessory is launched.

It has already been rumored that Apple will change multitasking in some way in iPadOS 16, with a windowed view similar to what we have in macOS. If this is fulfilled, perhaps it could be an interface that will only be activated when connecting a keyboardsimilar to what appears in this patent granted to Apple.

ipad special interface

This would be the interface of the iPad when connecting a keyboard

Of course, like so many other Apple patents that we have seen, it could be just that, an idea. Most of the patents we have seen never materialize in a final device or, if they do, it is after several years. Perhaps Apple is only guaranteeing the designs of a future hybrid device that will arrive in a few years.

An entire Mac on a keyboard is Apple’s latest (and crazy) patent

We will see if this patent is fulfilled, or if something similar finally arrives. To be honest, it would be really interesting to reach the iPad and that would undoubtedly make the Apple tablet a much more productive device.

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