Apple patents cases that transform iPhone into a device for gaming, photography, more


Apple thinks of a good reason for everyone to want to have the iPhone with original accessories!

For those who think that there is still a lot to get out of the iPhone, Apple agrees with them. Under a new patent, the company advances a practical and revolutionary protective case that multiplies the benefits for games and photosamong other advantages

As Patentlyapple knows is that those of the bitten apple protected the design of a case known as docksit would capable of interfacing with wireless systems in a close perimeter. When docked, the iPhone would change its user interface to be dedicated to the accessory in a very practical way.

A sport case and more

Apple patents cases that transform iPhone into a device for gaming, photography, more

Peripheral housing concept for iPhone

The patent, which was registered under the name “Peripheral housing for a computing device” it would be able to serve as the base of the device and would have a side hinge to open it.

It also draws attention the possible ability to project a virtual keyboard which will detect when a projected image of a key is played and so record the action on the device.

Among the examples that will surely stimulate the interest of iPhone fans, sports use stands out, since the protective case that could automatically replace its graphical interface to focus specifically on sports.

For sound consumers, it is said that when the iPhone is placed on a speaker stand, will change the user interface to a range of audio playback controls.

Based on the graphs that accompany Apple’s registration, some analysts estimate that its use could extend to the Apple Car.

The mystery of its development

Despite expectations, the possibility of seeing so much wonder in specialized stores in the near future belongs to the universe of probabilities, since for sure there is no certainty of its development or if it will happen as with so many patents that ended up among the registry files.

So it is prudent to settle for now with the successful Eye caseconceived within the framework of the KickStarter project and capable of turning iPhone 7 and iPhone into true and functional Androids in a two by three.

In 2017, they were already marketed with attractive promises such as two SIM card slots, wireless charging, an additional battery with 256 GB of extra storage, infrared for turn smartphone into universal remote and 3.5mm jack for speakers.

Back to Manzana and as usually happens with this type of forecast, once again we will have to arm ourselves with patience without knowing until when, because until now it is only the publication of another patent of the giants of California.

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