Apple raises the prices of its replacements

2023 is not set to be a great year economically. Toll increases, increases in mobile rates, an end to fuel aid and even pay more than ever for parts. Apple already warns: starting next March, changing the battery of any model prior to the iPhone 14 will cost 24 euros more. It does not matter that the model is more or less recent, the rise is general.

99 euros for the battery of your old iPhone

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Changing the battery has never been cheap at Apple, even more so in the latest models. On the iPhone 14, the price of this repair is 119 eurosa figure that was quite far from the 75 euros that are requested for the battery of an iPhone 12, 13 or 13 (regardless of whether the model is standard, Pro Max or Mini).

Starting next March 1, the prices of all models prior to 14 will increase by 24 euros, almost a 30% sudden rise. Thus, the most popular models will have a battery replacement price of 99 euros, a rise more than calculated to be below the psychological barrier of 100 euros.

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As previously, these prices only apply to those battery changes that are made out of warranty. If our iPhone suffers a significant degradation during the first two years of use, Apple will continue to cover the replacement. Nor will it be necessary to pay this amount if we are covered by AppleCare +, a policy that currently costs 289 euros per year or 14.49 euros per month for the most recent models.

Significant increase in the replacement price that makes it more attractive to change the battery of an old iPhone in the two months remaining until March 1. From the system settings, in the battery section, we can check its health status. If it has dropped below 90%, now is the best time to consider replacing it.

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