Apple’s generative AI coming this year, says Tim Cook

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has confirmed that the company is working on various generative artificial intelligence (AI) features. These features will be released to market “later this year,” the executive said. Analysts expect the big tech company’s foray into the tech market could come with the launch of iOS 18 and entail a major update to Siri, the company’s voice assistant.

“We will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future. This includes artificial intelligence, which we spend a huge amount of time and effort on. “We are excited to share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year,” Cook said on a call with investors.

The head of the Cupertino company did not provide more detailed information about the project. He said that the team he leads is moving forward in developing artificial intelligence solutions and does not intend to disclose details until the work is completed. He noted that Apple has a big opportunity with this technology.

Apple Siri
A new version of Siri based on artificial intelligence may be presented in June

Some features in the new Siri update will be exclusive to Apple One subscribers, according to a new report.

What to expect from Apple AI

In the middle of last year, Bloomberg reported that the organization is developing its own chatbot. Internally called “Apple GPT”, the resource will be based on the Large Language Model (LLM) known as “Ajax”. This system runs on Google Cloud and was developed using Google JAX, a new Python library. The initiative will be led by John Giannandrea, head of the company’s machine learning and artificial intelligence division, and Craig Federighi, chief executive officer of the software development organization.

Last January, a report from an Asian leaker known as yeux1122 stated that the tech company would unveil an AI-powered update to Siri during Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The assistant will receive improvements in personalization and greater capabilities to support natural communication with users. The intelligent algorithm that will be added will ensure compatibility between devices and will be able to connect to other services through an application programming interface (API). The information indicates that some features of the new Siri update will be exclusive to subscribers of Apple One, a paid membership that bundles a number of services. bonus. WWDC is scheduled for June this year.

It appears that Apple is late to the nascent market, characterized by offering constant development and growth. In the past, Tim Cook has explained why the company isn’t moving at the same pace as its Silicon Valley peers. In an interview with American news Good morning Americaassured that “regulation is what is needed in this area. If we look to the future, it is so powerful that companies will have to make their own ethical decisions.” It will be difficult for regulation to keep up with progress on this issue because it is moving so quickly. Therefore, companies must also regulate themselves.”

As attention to AI regulation grows, tech companies are stepping up their efforts to dominate an industry that could potentially create a market worth more than $300 billion by 2025. Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, is seeking commercial partners to build a network of chip factories that support the cutting-edge developments in generative artificial intelligence. Google has strengthened its commitment to technology with the release of Gemini, its most sophisticated language model, which now supports chatbot Bard. Meta maintains a strategy based on open source principles, which has allowed it to develop and improve a large number of intelligent algorithms in a short time.

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