April series: Gary Oldman, Nicole Kidman and Elisabeth Moss premiere fiction this month

A spy drama with Gary Oldman (“Slow horses”)a Nicole Kidman feminist anthology (“Roar”)a Watergate review with Julia Roberts and Senn Penn (“Gaslit”) or a metaphysical thriller by Elisabeth Moss (“The Luminous Ones”) are some of the most outstanding series that are released in the month of April.


espionage drama six episodes starring Gary Oldman who adapts the first novel in the collection “Slow Horses” by Mick Herron.

The series follows a team of british intelligence agents who work in an abandoned headquarters of the MI5, Slough House, and that they have ended up there due to serious mistakes in their career. The cast includes Kristin Scott Thomas, Jack Lowden and Olivia Cooke, among others.


Six episode comedy half-hour created by Juan Cavestany and Álvaro Fernández-Armero and starring two acting veterans: Miguel Rellán, who repeats with the directors after the series “Vergüenza”, and Antonio Resines, who coincided with Fernández-Armero in the comedy ” If I were rich” (2019).

In a dramatic comedy tone the series talks about what it means to “grow old” today. Rafael Müller (Resines) is an acclaimed conductor who maintains a decades-long friendship with Rafael Jiménez (Rellán), an old rock glory, leader of the group Care with the dog, who refuses to hang up his guitar.

“TOKYO VICE,” April 8 on HBO MAX

crime drama Loosely inspired by the non-fiction story told in the first person by the American journalist Jake Adelstein (played by Ansel Elgort) on the job of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, who captures his descent into the city underworld in the late 90s.

Ken Watanabe and Rinko Kikuchi also star in the series, which is created, written and produced by Tony Award winner JT Rogers (“Oslo”) and is executive produced by Michael Mann and directs the first episode.

“ROAR,” April 15 on APPLE TV+

“roar” is a anthology that intertwines eight feminist fablesfull of black humor, that take unexpected approaches on topics such as gender roles, autonomy and identity.

With Nicole Kidman as an executive producer and one of the protagonists – along with Cynthia Erivo, Merritt Wever or Alison Brie – the series is based on the book of short stories by Cecelia Ahern and has been created by Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive (“GLOW”).


The true story of one of the biggest frauds in the history of Silicon Valley. Amanda Seyfried brings to life Elizabeth Holmes, who in record time went from a young technology business hopeful to a billionaire and ultimately convicted of fraud.

Holmes claimed to have developed a machine capable of performing a series of medical tests with just a few drops of the patient’s bloodbut his company, Theranos, collapsed in the wake of a Wall Street Journal investigation.


When the 50th anniversary of the Watergate scandalJulia Roberts and Sean Penn star in this anthology series that uncovers a new perspective on the case that ended the Richard Nixon’s presidency.

“Gaslit” centers on Martha Mitchell (Roberts), an Arkansas socialite and wife of Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell (Penn), who was the first person to publicly sound the alarm about Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate.


David Simon (“The Wire”) returns to the Police genre and the city of Baltimore in this miniseries of six episodes created with George Pelecanos -co-writer of “The Wire”- and based on the book by the ‘Baltimore Sun’ journalist Justin Fenton.

The plot tells the The rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Weapons Tracking Task Force and the corruption and moral collapse they suffered in a city where drug prohibition policies and mass arrests were upheld at the expense of real police work.

“THE FIRST LADY”, April 28 on Movistar +

Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson star in this 10 episode drama that in its first season delves into the personal and political life of Michelle Obama, Betty Ford and Eleanor Rooseveltrespectively.

Created by Aaron Cooley, the direction will be in charge of the British Susanne Bier.

“THE LUMINOUS”, April 29 on APPLE TV +

Based on the novel by Lauren Beukes, “Las Luminosas”, this series produced by and starring Elisabeth Moss, follows in the footsteps of Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago newspaper archivist whose journalistic ambitions were put on hold after surviving a brutal attack that left her inhabiting an uncertain reality.

When Kirby learns that a recent murder is linked to his own case, he teams up with troubled veteran reporter Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura) to discover the identity of your attacker.

“ELITE” (S5), April 8 on Netflix

start a new course at the Las Encinas institute. With more mature characters who are finally starting to look inside themselves, the fifth season of “Elite” promises to be darker and more introspective.

Among the new signings, the winner of a Goya for “Adú”, Adam Nourou, Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia stand out.

“THE INTERNSHIP: THE SUMMITS” (S2), April 1 on Prime Video

The action takes place in a school located next to an old monastery in an inaccessible place between the mountains, the students are troublesome and rebellious boys who live under the strict discipline imposed by the center to reintegrate them.

In this second season the cast is reinforced with the signings of Clara Galle and Irene Anula and the plot resolves some of the unknowns that were left up in the air in the first.

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