Aquaman 2: They ask to replace Amber Heard with Emilia Clarke or Lily-Rose Depp as Mera

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is in full swingwith the actress co-star of Aquaman making severe statements of sexual assault against the one who once played Jack Sparrow. A role that, by the way, never resume anymore, not even if Disney came with 300 million under his arm (according to the actor’s own words). This legal dispute between the two artists has led Depp’s followers to carry out a massive collection of signatures to replace Amber Heard from Aquaman 2a feature film that has already finished shooting and is in post-production.

Depp’s fans called for Heard to be replaced in the James Wan-directed project even before filming began.since he has assured that he has lost very important roles in his career, as in Pirates of the Caribbean Y fantastic animals, because of Heard’s accusations. The petition launched on Change.org already has more than 3.6 million signatures in these months, but it seems that Warner is not going to pay attention to it for now (the filming, as we said, finished its filming normally). The sequel with Jason Momoa in the lead had a delay in its release date, moving to March 17, 2023. That, for Depp fans, is enough time for the company to make the necessary tweaks to Mera’s character.

There are already candidates and even deepfakes

There are currently two bets to replace Heard: Lily Rose Depp either Emilia Clarke. The first, Depp’s daughter who has been by her side from the beginning in this case, has a somewhat shorter film career than Clarke, participating in projects such as tusk either Yoga Hosers. The second chosen actress is known above all for Game of Thrones and has gone through franchises such as terminator either starwars. Deepfakes have even been made that imagine the former Targaryen in James Wan’s film:

The best interpretation, of course, has been that of bosslogic, an artist who always makes scandalous posters. We will see what finally happens with this whole case, since the trial between Heard and Depp is going to give much more to talk about.


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