Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom: global warming is the enemy of the film, says Jason Momoa

Actor Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones – 59%, Aquaman- 73%, Dune) has shown in the past that he has a strong interest in protecting the environment, and with his new DC Comics movie this will continue. in 2018 Aquaman it addressed human pollution of the seas, and that was one of the reasons King Orm/Ocean Master wanted to bring the war to the surface. In the sequel it seems that an even more familiar topic will be addressed, global warming and the melting of the poles.

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Momoa attended the Sundance Film Festival because he is the narrator of the documentary Deep Risingwhich investigates organizations that extract metals from the depths of the ocean, and in a video shared by Variety He explained that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will not have villains from other galaxies, but that humanity itself (in a certain way) will be the enemy to defeat, since humanity is to blame for global warming:

the beautiful [sobre ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’] is that my partner and I wrote the first treatment and it was a 55 page draft and a lot of it has to do with me talking to the UN about what’s happening with the melting ice caps there is no galaxy far away that come to destroy us or aliens from another place. We are the ones who ruin our planet. We have to unite and save our home.

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Global warming and pollution of the oceans are issues of the utmost importance today, and it seems logical that the cinema is dedicated to opening conversations about it, although it can fall into Manichaeism as we have seen in WALL E – 96% and Avatar – 83%, for example. To get a fuller and more complex perspective on these issues, it is necessary to watch documentaries, read scientific articles and books, and stay up to date on new discoveries.

We have another example of simplistic Manichaeism in Don’t look up – 74%, a movie where global warming is compared to a meteor headed straight for Earth. While the analogy may make for an entertaining movie, it’s far from accurate. The impact of a huge meteorite would end all life on the planet, while global warming is not considered a threat of that level; The solution to stop a meteorite is clear and relatively easy to agree on: divert it. As for global warming, the “solutions” that some propose are almost impossible to achieve.

It will be difficult for a movie like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom contribute something of value to the debate around global warming, but it is very likely that thanks to the tape many children and young people will be inspired to follow in the footsteps of Greta Thunberg.

The first tape of Aquaman It was a massive box office success, with more than $1 billion grossed worldwide and became the highest-grossing DC Comics film to date. The second part will be released in a chaotic period for the franchise, because with the arrival of James Gunn (Creeping Creatures – 86%, Super- 48%, Guardians of the Galaxy – 91%) and peter safran to the presidency of DC Studios it is said that there will be a reboot, so we can assume that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It will be the last time we see the character in this version.

Another controversy that the film has is the participation of Amber Heard (The Danish Girl – 69%, London Fields – 0%, The Stand – 80%) as Mera, as the actress is massively hated for having accused Johnny Depp (Minamata – 35%, Waiting for the Barbarians – 51%, Young Scissorhands – 91%) of domestic violence, and in the controversial 2022 trial the jury gave its support to the actor. According to rumors, the actress would be replaced, but there is nothing official yet.

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