Arcane Season 2, confirmed the return of one of the most beloved characters

Arcane, production Netflix that is intertwined with the League of Legends universe, has turned out to be one of the pleasant surprises among the many products based on video games, establishing itself as one of the best examples of a video game adaptation to the television dimension.

Although there were several initial skepticisms about its correlation with League of Legends (also available on Amazon), such doubts have been largely disproved.

There second season of the program is already confirmed, just after the premiere aired, but there is still no premiere date or information accurate.

we already knew that Arcane it would have sharply skipped 2023, and there is not even another more or less precise period to wait.

In the meantime, more information is coming plot and characters of the second seasonincluding a surprise welcome return.

as it reveals PC gaming YesIndeed, Silco will be present at the next season of Arcane.

The charismatic villain was among the most beloved characters of the series, and while it didn’t have a great ending, it looks like it’ll be back in some capacity.

To confirm that it is its interpreter, Jason Spisakwho recently appeared on a podcast to discuss her voice work, while also dropping the bombshell about her return to the Netflix show:

“I recorded lines for the second season, they let me say it. Riot Games let me tell people, they said “you can officially tell people that you’ve recorded lines for Arcane Season 2” so I can say it.

Silco’s fate is terrible at the end of the first season of Arcane, so it is likely that he will return as a memory or flashback. Unless there’s some strange experiment going on around Zaun that Silco is involved in.

Stay on topic, too Hideo Kojima was seriously impressed by the quality of the first season of Arcane, revealing a really curious background.

Netflix continues, meanwhile, propose shows taken from video games. a new series of castlevania In fact, it has been announced, and there is also the first trailer.

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