Are digital cameras back? Here the details!

Generation Z has dedicated itself to bringing digital and disposable cameras back into trend, leaving everyone wanting to jump on board and have their own camera for some very original photos. It really is crazy in IInstagram, Pinterest or TikTokpeople have taken this trend very seriously by even decorating them to give it that extra touch. aesthetic You don’t want to let it go unnoticed.

And this trend was growing when seeing how celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa or Charli D’Amelio were in charge of uploading photos taken with their digital cameras instead of their cell phones. Giving that vintage and very original touch that generation Z has managed to fall in love with. It has even become so fashionable that at weddings the trend has been created to leave these cameras so that guests can take photos and remain as a memory in a way very original.

Are digital cameras back?  Here the details!  - design-untitled-35-1

And it is that although there are effects or filters in editing applications, it is not the same as disconnecting from the cell phone and having a different way of saving memories. What used to be seen as vintage digital cameras are now the most prized treasure of young people, whether they use one they found at home or buy their own. means like The New York Times They have done many reports on the subject, sharing that sales since 2021 increased by 10% and that surely 2023 will continue to grow.

Such is the example of Anthony Tabarez, an 18-year-old boy who celebrated his high school graduation with photos and videos of his prom with an Olympus FE-230, a digital camera manufactured in 2007 that had belonged to his mother. Instead of using his cell phone, he managed to go viral by sharing the memories of that special day with the help of the camera. Leaving that many people wanted to take up the idea and make digital cameras fashionable again to take everywhere.

It should be understood that the blurry or shaky quality of the photos is nowadays considered something aesthetic, many have even tried to do this effect with their cell phones so having digital cameras, it is much more exciting and fun so it is not about perfection. Just part of remembering special moments in a different way. The perfect thing about these photos is just their imperfection.

To take advantage of it you can fill them with stamps or straps made by you, it is quite fashionable to decorate the cameras by yourself to give it an even more personalized and vintage touch, so even for them to appear as decoration in your photos, it is something basic. Always remember to have extra memories so you can save all the special moments without running out of memory.

Also, do not look for a perfect photo, it is simply to let yourself go and save the photos, then you can print them and decorate your room since that is another trend, print those moving photos and hang them with lights in your room. In Amazon either Free market you can find many options of different brands, colors and sizes.

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