Are ice baths good? Benefits and risks of this trend among celebrities

Bathing in very cold water causes immediate vasoconstriction in areas such as the hands or feet to redirect that heat to the internal organs.

Whether to recover after physical exercise or a strenuous tour, or as a beauty treatment, several celebrities have publicized the benefits of ice baths: Harry Styles, Madonna either Lady Gaga are some of them.

Actually, ice water baths are nothing new and many athletes have used them as part of their recovery from competitions. The tennis player Novak Djokovic It is one of them. The method popularized it Winhoff (born April 20, 1959), also known as Iceman, a Dutch extreme athlete known for his ability to tolerate freezing temperatures.

What are ice water baths?

It basically consists of plunge into water at a temperature between 10 and 15 degrees during a maximum of 15 minutes with the aim of accelerating muscle recovery. Studies have been carried out on its effects in athletes and the results are contradictory.

Apart from its benefits for recovering after exercise, the benefits of ice baths for Mental or skin health. To what extent are baths in ice water good? What risks entails? Dr. Susan Judas clarifies all doubts for Saber Vivir.

What effect does immersion in ice water cause on the body?

Bathing in very cold water causes a vasoconstriction immediately in the most distal areas (hands, feet, skin, nose, etc) to redirect that heat to the internal organs.

We will also notice a incrise of cardiac frecuency to pump more blood more quickly to those organs.

What are the benefits of bathing in ice water for muscle recovery?

Apparently, reduces inflammation after exercise, although studies show that the results are similar to those obtained by performing low intensity exercises what could be typical stretching after the sports session.

What are the benefits of ice water baths for the skin?

Bathing in ice water causes vasoconstriction and, coming out of the water, vasodilation. This improves the skin circulation and its seboregulation. can stimulate the collagen and elastin productionkey to smooth skin.

Do ice water baths increase vitality?

Cold water has a direct impact on the nervous system and on the activation of the gene of the sirtuin 3which helps promote fat loss through the generation and activation of brown fat. This increases the activity of the mitochondria, which are the batteries that supply energy to our cells.

Are cold water baths good for tired legs?

Yes, cold water helps leg circulationa deflate them since the lymphatic system can drain liquids correctly by activating the musculature that acts as a pump.

What other health benefits do cold baths have?

Activate the immune system, so it helps prevent colds and infections. On the other hand, by reducing the low-grade chronic inflammation of the organism, it can also be a useful tool in diseases autoimmune and in processes related to metabolism disturbances (overweight, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc).

How long should a cold bath or shower last?

This depends on the tolerance, which will range from a few seconds to several minutes. Beyond 15 minutes there seems to be no clear benefits.

In which cases are ice water baths not recommended?

An absolute contraindication would be cryoglobulinemiaa rare condition in which body proteins precipitate and accumulate in the blood with the cold, being able to generate thrombi and other damages.

It is also not recommended in those who suffer from the Raynaud’s syndrome, in which the distal microcirculation (as in the tips of the fingers) is compromised. And of course, in those who are not trained.

It is a practice that you have to train tolerance, so as not to fall into a hypothermia.

Is a cold bath or a cold shower better?

For people not used to the practice, it is better to perform a normal shower and finish it with cold water. You can start for a few seconds, and increase as you have more tolerance. Studios are usually done with bathrooms, but if not available, the shower is also a good option.

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