Are Rihanna and Beyoncé touched by David Guetta over Joe?

When invited to participate in the JO 2024 ceremony, David Guetta turned to Rihanna and Beyoncé.

David Guetta became the last performance at the Chateau de Chambord, a casual explorer of the deception that could not be avoided, and was chosen as the performer for the opening ceremony of JO in Paris 2024. The famous DJ was unable to turn to the performance to tackle Beyoncé and Rihanna. MCE TV – your story from A to Z!

A Busy Year for Rihanna

If you’re a celebrity who’s no longer making it big, it’s Rihanna. Years later, the singer ne cesse Connect projects and shine.

After all, he looked like Rihanna. Indeed, after 2023, pleine desucces, l’année 2024 prend le même Tournant.

In essence, the artists added a completely new thread to the sound of a completely new world. Perfume emblematic “J’adore” by Dior. A very noble pour Rihanna.

“Ce sillage, que je connais et que j’aime depuis toujours, means that it is for women. I am especially moved by this adventure et d’y apporter mon univers, mon histoire et mes racines, ma creativité et ma propre feminité”I also confessed to Rihanna.

And that’s not all. To the great happiness of her fans, Rihanna announced her preparation of the Son Prochain album at the plenary stage. Rappelling, the translator’s latest albumumbrella vu le jour in 2016. Oh yeah!

D’Ailers, before and after the sortie, Anti keep tempting fouls etc. battle for records. Incredible!

Ainsi, singer’s name found at the center of many discussionsand I’m on David Guetta’s books… MCE TV tells you more!

Is David Guetta Behind Beyonce?

In the last few days, the events of the last years of the world have reopened in France. Because Hexagon is convenient to purchase. the most prestigious sporting competition : Olympic Games.

Well, the active part is to offer the best of the show. There is a criterion for this, which does not give the right to legereia, etc. Envergur selection se sont alors imposés.

For example, the artists who are the performers of the opening ceremony, ont été choisi avec le plus grand soin. After the noises of the sidelines, Aya Nakamura part of the scene with album legend: Marc Cerrone. Incredible!

Compulsion, this decision is a fait accompli Beaucoup de déçus chez by French artistsnoting David Guetta, who wasn’t too disappointed.

“I do not know what it is. At the global level, every day I become between the 4th and 15th artist and the most popular in the DJ artist“,” David Guetta also said.

Avant-garde de poursuivre: I love Rihanna etc. Beyonce. Pour You can’t even imagine, Beyoncé is 40 or 50 years old. I didn’t want more people. And pourtant je suis Français et j’adore la France. That’s how it is! “

disappointment is a complete disappointment of David Guettawho will leave the stage of the JO Paris 2024 ceremony, who will have his 26th Juliet prochain…