Are Sadie Sink and Taylor Swift still close in real life?


Sadie Sink bonded with Taylor Swift through a very special project, Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ music video (the epic 10-minute music video directed by Swift, no less!) Sink appeared alongside Dylan O of “Teen Wolf”. ‘Brien in the room, and it looks like the three of them have remained close after working together in 2021. So close they even have a group text (which we’d love to be added to, by the way, if you read this T-Swift).

O’Brien told Entertainment Tonight in July that he had just texted the two women in the group a few days prior while gushing over the “Bad Blood” hitmaker. ” [Taylor is] so genuine… She’s really just someone who’s so involved and just proud of her work and so grateful for any accomplishment or recognition for something that she’s just dedicated herself to. Talk about a special human,” he said. Cute !

But it’s not just O’Brien who was all about subtleties. Sink opened up about how special she found working on the “All Too Well” video, admitting that she wanted to work with Swift for years before her dream came to fruition. “He’s such an amazing human being, so smart and so strong. To have her as a friend, as a director, as a mentor and to be able to bring such an iconic song to life was just an honor,” Sink told Glamor in June.


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