are symptoms of this disease

Let’s see together what these two symptoms can be that can be linked to a particular disease.

As we know our body always sends us signals to indicate that something is wrong in the best way.

In this case it is a question of chest pain or excessive tiredness, but also of both symptoms together, or the addition of another.

Tiredness and chest pain: these are symptoms of this disease
Tiredness and chest pain: these are symptoms of this disease (pixabay)

Everyday life is always super hectic and this very often goes beyond what we feel, maybe to some pain.

Tiredness and chest pain? Symptoms of a heart problem

But with the passage of time these signs that our body has sent us can become something important, for this reason we must never underestimate anything that is different from our usual.

How to feel too tired without having done anything in particular, or having chest pains, could in fact be symptoms of a heart problem or atrial fibrillation.

This problem is quite common and occurs when the electrical activity of the atria is disorganized.

The symptoms it causes are an alteration of the heartbeat and can be intermittent (paroxysmal fibrillation) when the problem resolves in 48 hours.

Or it can last even more than a week (persistent fibrillation) or even much longer (persistent long-lasting fibrillation) and then it is permanent when we always have this problem (permanent fibrillation).

Often it does not even cause symptoms, but hides behind excessive fatigue or a sense of breathlessness even without having made particular efforts.

It can also manifest itself with dizziness or difficulty in breathing, it can also lower blood pressure and cause heart failure.

But what are the causes that lead to atrial fibrillation? Unfortunately, not all of them are certain to date.

It seems that is much more common over the years, and in people who already have cardiovascular problems, such as hypertension or various heart diseases.

It’s possible also associate it with other diseases such as pneumonia, asthma or diabetes and up to lung cancer.

Tiredness and chest pain: these are symptoms of this disease
Tiredness and chest pain: these are symptoms of this disease (pixabay)

It can also occur if we overuse cigarettes, energy drinks or tea.

If we have one of these symptoms and our heart rate is below 60 beats or above 100, contact our doctor.

They will most likely perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) to check what is happening to our heart.

So please never, ever underestimate any signal that our body sends because there could be an important disease, and it is always good to act as soon as possible, but never, ever do any do-it-yourself treatments.

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