Are the X-Men from Doctor Strange 2 the same as the ones from the animated series?

MADRID, May 2. (CultureLeisure) –

It is more than evident that ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ awaits the most unexpected surprises for fans. One of the few certainties of the film is the reappearance of Patrick Stewart as Professor X. The veteran British actor returns to his mutant role, though it’s unclear if it’s the version seen in Fox’s X-Men films or a variant And that’s where the iconic 90s animated series comes into play.

With the doors of the multiverse open wideMarvel now has a unique freedom when it comes to rescuing characters from other sagas, such as the case of the x-menbecause you can choose certain actors to repeat their roles without the need for continuity, being a ‘variant’ from another reality or different timeline.

That’s what makes the fandom suspect that the Charles Xavier of the film directed by Sam Raimi is not the same as the one seen in the titles directed by Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner. And this is where the 90s animated series breaks in. Not only because of the probability, but because of certain details of the latest promo for the film starring benedict cumberbatch.

In this short promotional clip you can see a sequence in which he appears a yellow disabled chair with an elderly hand on it. You can’t see the face of the person sitting, but it is more than evident that it is Professor X. This is where the yellow tone of the chair becomes important, which is very reminiscent of the floating version of the animated fiction of 1992.

Given that Marvel is preparing a revival of the legendary series, entitled ‘X-Men ’97’for Disney+, it would not be strange if it took advantage of the renewed popularity of fiction to bring one of the MCU mutantsAnd what better way than with Charles Xavier.

That the mutants of the animated series were the main ones of the UCM would cause an interesting twist with certain characters, as is the case with Pícarawho would be a powerful Amazon-style superhero in contrast to the insecure young woman who is unable to control her powers that Anna Paquin embodied in the original saga. Also, other mutants such as Gambit or Jubilo would become importantwhose appearances in the cinema have been almost testimonial.

In the case of Professor X himself, the 1990s version of animation would allow him to more naturally accept the concept of the multiverse, Well, it had crossovers with other series of the time such as Spider-Man.. On the other hand, it would leave Patrick Stewart the freedom to reinterpret a character that, deep down, would be different from the one he already played.

There is less left to know which variant of Charles Xavier will appear in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. This May 6 the spell will be resolved, with important consequences for the future of the franchise.

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