Are you a Taylor Swift super expert? This job offer is the one you’ve been waiting for – Javi Ambite and La Megamana

Taylor Swift is one of those singers whose best songs are played non-stop on MegaStarFM And one of the most successful stars at the moment. So, what Javi Mbite told us in ‘La Megamana’ does not surprise us at all. ,“How would you feel if I told you that ‘USA TODAY’, one of the most important newspapers in the United States, is looking for a reporter dedicated exclusively to covering pop superstars?”Asked this question before explaining the terms and conditions involved in that job offer.

“Careful, I’ll explain it. Specifically, they’re looking for.” ‘A quite energetic former writer, photographer and social media professional who can quench an unquenchable thirst’They say, ‘Everything Taylor Swift related with a constant flow of content across multiple platforms’, I’ll summarize it for you: “360 of a lifetime”, these were the words you can hear with the audio from our DJ by clicking ‘Play’ on the image you see at the top of this news.

And he concluded by inviting our listeners to consider what might be them: “They’re looking for someone driven, creative, energetic… is that maybe you? And they say she’s Taylor Able to capture all the emotions surrounding Swift’s tour that is already underway, and also about her next album that will come out next month, if I’m not mistaken. Important: They pay between 20 and 50 euros per hour. Better 50 than 20, I say, right? Well, if you’re looking for a change of scenery, maybe you could become Taylor Swift’s reporter, right? You Think?”.

Excellent treatment and good environment with Javi Ambite

Every day, from Monday to Friday, Start the day with the best songs we play for you on MegaStarFM And With the best vibe you can imagineJavi Ambite will stand in front of the microphone 6 am to 10.50 am, He’s in charge of taking control this season ‘Javi Ambite and La Megamana’, A place where music is the great protagonist, but also what happens in the world and what interests you.

Javi Ambite He is a 360 communicator and the ideal content creator for the versatility that 21st century radio requires, Ambite has collaborated with artists ranging from Bebe Rexha to David Guetta to Dua Lipa. And from now on, mornings will be more lively with him because of his energy and his passion for music.

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