Are you over 40? Here’s how much you should sleep: study

You are sure you know how many hours of sleep do you have to have to sleep well? A new UK study reveals that age is decisive and, perhaps, your beliefs may change.

How long do you need to sleep? The answer from England

Nowadays, between frenetic rhythms and commitments of all kinds, sleeping has almost become a luxury. Indeed there is whoto demonstrate his industriousness, he boasts of sleeping a few hours every night and get up very early in the morning in order to be more “performing”. Well, know that – probably – whoever tells you these things is lying.

In fact, it is amply demonstrated that sleep is essential to be able to face the days with the right dose of power. But recent studies conducted in the UK have also cleared the ancient belief that perfect sleep lasts 8 hours. But then how much do we have to sleep to feel good?

Hours of sleep, the duration varies according to age

Too much? Too little? How long are we sleeping? The study in question seems to have found answers. The first is that there is no ideal time for everyone; the reason is that each age has a sleep duration of reference. By cross-referencing sleep data and claims from 500,000 aged adults between 38 and 73 years old in fact, it was concluded that in this age group you should sleep 7 hours every night. No more and no less.

Still analyzing these data, the scholars also followed the brain health of the individuals in question and noticed a very interesting phenomenon. The hippocampus – the area of ​​the brain most affected by sleep – it shrinks in size if your sleep is less than or more than 7 hours. These people have in fact been subjected to particular cognitive tests and guess who got the better results? Own who sleeps 7 hours, not who sleeps 6 or 8.

The reasons could be many regarding a shorter sleep duration than expected. First, the brain would not be able to effectively eliminate them toxins; moreover, an interruption of deep sleep would be detrimental to the consolidation of information and of the memory. However, there are no specific reasons for the shrinking of the hippocampus for those who sleep too much. It is likely that sleeping more than necessary is a symptom of disturbed sleep and not of quality, elements that do not support our well-being.

So, if you care about your health and your brainthere is one very important thing to do: sleep. But in moderation.

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