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in interview with Martha Dayley w., Thomas Erickson. Swedish skilled in conduct, communication and lecturer. For greater than 20 years he has traveled the world giving conferences and seminars to executives and administrators of corporations similar to IKEA, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Volvo and KIA Motors.

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within the e-book, surrounded by idiots (The Man Who Was Surrounded by Idiots, Grijalbo) Erikson explains that there are 4 main kinds of conduct that outline how we work together with and understand the folks round us.

Thomas Erikson divides conduct primarily based on colours and particular traits: crimson, yellow, inexperienced and blue.

  • Red: Domineering – Speaks one’s thoughts, is bold, will get issues executed, bulldozers, is aggressive, impatient, tyrannical.
  • Yellow: Influencer – Optimistic, talkative, assured, outgoing, poor listener, simply distracted, solutions questions meant for another person.
  • Green: Persistent – is aware of easy methods to pay attention, works effectively in a crew, cares about others, is variety, loyal, avoids quarrels.
  • Blue: Conscientious – hardworking, targeted on particulars, pessimistic, perfectionist, does not communicate, distant, insensitive, will use calculator to verify if Excel is right.

According to Thomas Erikson:

● About 80% of individuals have a mix of the 2 colours that dominates their conduct.

● About 5% have a single shade that dominates the conduct.

● 15% are dominated by three colours.

● Understanding an individual’s conduct patterns is the important thing to profitable communication.

● The function is to not outline who is correct or flawed; Just set up that we’re all totally different.

4 kinds of conduct:


You are dominant – talking your thoughts, bold, getter, bulldozer, aggressive, impatient, tyrannical. You can be described as brave, bold, impulsive, but additionally temperamental, reckless, or overbearing.

He is rapidly acknowledged as a result of he makes no effort to cover who he’s. People who’ve a excessive quantity of crimson of their conduct are extroverted, outcome oriented and luxuriate in challenges. They make fast choices and are sometimes snug taking initiative and taking dangers.

phrases that use crimson

● “I’m not yelling! I’m not angry!”

Because the way in which Reds talk is so harsh and direct, many take into account them aggressive.

● “Why is everything taking so long? Can’t they just hurry up?”

Anyone keen to interrupt out of any regulatory framework in an effort to get forward is nothing if not impatient.

● “I’m trying to be interested in you, but it would help if you were a little more interesting.”

Reds usually are not frequent individuals who deal with others effectively and are perceived as hostile.

Who is Lal?

Steve Jobs, Venus Williams or Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama and Mother Teresa.


Impressive Person – Optimistic, talkative, assured, sociable, poor listener, simply distracted, solutions questions requested for another person.

These are individuals who reside to reside, who at all times discover alternatives to get pleasure from themselves. These are extra fashionable than different colours.

They entertain, they put folks in a superb temper and there are at all times enjoyable issues occurring round them. They know easy methods to seize and maintain everybody’s consideration. They make us really feel vital. It’s good to be with them. They are pleasant and may be extraordinarily persuasive.

They see options the place others don’t. He has the uncanny skill to show issues round.

yellow phrases

● “Hi, is anyone there? Listen what happened to me! You want to know, don’t you?”

Yellow is an excellent communicator.

● “I know it sounds fishy, ​​but fishy is order!”

A pale individual would hardly admit to negligence. But he has no pure method of controlling issues. Working in a structured method is boring.

● “Look, I can bounce all the balls at the same time!”

They have zero skill to pay attention. For them, one thing new is at all times good; Otherwise, they’ll lose focus.

those which are yellow

Celebrities who show robust yellow options embody Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and, to provide just a few fictional examples, Pippin from The Lord of the Rings and Han Solo from Star Wars.


Coherent – good listener, works effectively in a crew, cares for others, variety, loyal, avoids battle, gradual

They are probably the most balanced. They elegantly counteract different extra excessive behavioral traits. They will not offend folks in the event that they may help it.

They are the epitome of kindness. They will assist at any time when wanted. They are one of the best listeners: they’ll at all times be extra enthusiastic about others than in themselves.

If a Green says he’ll do one thing: he’ll do it. They are introverts, that’s, they’re lively of their interior world.

inexperienced phrases

● “Why worry? Nothing is worth that much.”

Since Greens hardly ever make the primary transfer, it is simple to make the impression {that a} Green is not notably or dedicated.

● “I know I should change it right away, but I’ll think about it for a while.”

If you need to make adjustments to a bunch made up of plenty of greenery, good luck.

Who is inexperienced?

Gandhi, Michelle Obama and Jimmy Carter are a number of the well-known characters with inexperienced parts.


Conscientious – hardworking, targeted on particulars, pessimistic, perfectionist, silent, aloof, insensitive, will use a calculator to verify if Excel is right.

You have all the proper solutions. They know every part. His method of presenting info makes it tough to doubt him. You know the place you bought the knowledge and you’ll find the e-book to show it.

They do not prefer to brag about what they know, simply figuring out it’s sufficient. They assume twice or thrice about something. You need to resolve issues earlier than you act.

They extremely worth logical pondering, however can simply grow to be depressed when issues do not go their method. introvert. Active in his interior world.

phrases of the blues

● “95% right is actually 100% wrong.”

Focusing an excessive amount of on info and particulars can go too far.

● “I don’t really know you, so keep your distance.”

They do not speak overtly with anybody.

those which are blue

Bill Gates and Albert Einstein, Sandra Day O’Connor and Condoleezza Rice.

surrounded by idiots? possibly you simply want to regulate to it

The first step is to attempt to match and adapt to the frequency of others.

undertake the conduct of the reds

What Red says: “Do what I tell you, as fast as you can… faster than that.”

If you ask Red, he’ll agree that most individuals are too gradual. They communicate very slowly, have problem attending to the purpose and work inefficiently.

If you need to match the rhythm of crimson, hurry up! Talk and act quick.

Want to do one thing? Speaks! As you could already know, Reds are very to the purpose and luxuriate in being with different individuals who have the power to immediately inform them what they need.

If you desire a crimson man to provide you his full consideration, be clear and direct.

undertake yellow conduct

What Yellow Says: “Isn’t it wonderful to be here together?”

Yellow works finest when joyful, however sustaining curiosity in yellow is not the simplest.

There are many issues which have the colour yellow marked on them: they do not care about how issues work, however that they work.

Do you need yellow shade to make choices? Skip the reason and present him the outcome and ask him: what do you consider it?

They work finest when surrounded by a crowd. Of course, pale folks do not like everybody they meet, however they offer everybody an opportunity.

The yellow ones are the worst who know easy methods to pay attention.

You need to coordinate all appointments effectively with yellow: synchronize their watches, clearly clarify to them that the airplane takes off at 8 am and if they do not flip up they are going to be left standing on the boarding gate .

go inexperienced

What the colour inexperienced says: “Everything should feel good all the time”

Greens really feel higher once they do not need to be lively.

In right this moment’s society it isn’t attainable to keep away from all of the hustle and bustle. This signifies that a real Green usually looks like they’re doing one thing flawed.

Green ought to be allowed a time of peace, quiet and inactivity.

Stability and predictability are helpful to the inexperienced.

A Green simply must know what to plan. What is there to do? When will issues occur? What are you able to count on?

If any remark is to be made about Green’s behaviour, it ought to be cautious in how it’s offered.

undertake blue conduct

What does the blue shade say: “It is better to rethink everything from the beginning”

You need to put apart ease with the blues: you need to keep on with the duty.

Skip all of the peppy speak the yellows and reds love: current knowledge and keep on with a plan.

Make Sure You Have Answers for Everything: Acknowledge that this individual might want extra info in an effort to really feel protected.

Blue could also be “allowed” to make choices, he could not have all the information and observe his instincts, that is to keep away from evaluation paralysis.

You have to indicate him the correct course or, in any case, a course.

Who will get whose firm?

In an excellent world, we might have an equal variety of folks in every shade: yellow comes up with a brand new thought, crimson makes the choice, inexperienced does all of the work, and blue evaluates and makes certain the result’s wonderful. Are. nevertheless it’s not like that.

Natural Combination:

● Blue and inexperienced could be a appropriate mixture, with out a lot effort on both facet.

● Red and Yellow work effectively collectively, as they each need to do every part now and transfer ahead at a superb tempo. You have the identical sort of power right here.

Complementary Combinations:

Blue and Red: Task oriented.

● Reds are extra within the outcome than the method + Blues have an interest within the course of and ignore the outcome.

● Both are devoted in the direction of work and spend solely restricted time chatting.

● Red is accelerator, blue is pause.

Green and Yellow: Green permits the yellow shade to occupy as a lot house because it desires.

● One speaks, the opposite listens.

● They will simply discover a related viewpoint.

● Green is nice at calming down the frenzied yellow.

Challenging Combinations:

● Red and Green: Red will begin earlier than listening to directions and Green shall be very inactive.

● Red shall be very important of Green’s grievance concerning the quantity of labor.

● Green will assume Red is an aggressive son of a *** who by no means listens.

Biggest Challenge: One blue and one yellow. Neither of them is conscious of how their personalities work and there shall be bickering. Yellow will launch and blue will cease analyzing every level.

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