Are you winter season? This is your colorimetry

Colorimetry helps us to know which colors favor us the most in makeup, clothes and hair. To put it into practice, it is essential to know the Theory of the 4 seasons and know how to detect which one you belong to.

According to this theory, each season has its range of colors and our physical features fit more into one of them. Today we are going to tell you the main characteristics of the people who belong to the winter station. Keep reading!

How is a person with winter harmony?

To detect it, these three variables must be taken into account: eye color, hair color and skin color. If orange is the one that favors you, everything indicates that you are warm harmony, while if it is pink it is the one that suits you best, your harmony is cold.

Within the cold harmonies we have the people who belong to the winter season. Winter season people have the black hair, dark brown, dark brown with reddish tones, gray…

Sometimes a platinum blonde with bright eyes will be considered a winter profile. The skin is light or pink, and the eyes can be brown, black, dark blue, or gray-green.

You are winter season if your skin, hair and eyes are any of these shades. Below you have the colors that suit you.

How do I know if I am cold or warm winter?

One of the tricks to discover if you are cold or warm winter is look at the color of the veins in the forearm. If your veins look blue, your skin tone is cool. If, on the other hand, your veins look green, your skin tone is warm.

What colors suit me if I am winter season?

The colors that best suit women who belong to the winter season are cold. By having contrasting and defined features, they favor more cold and intense tones than pastel tones. We highlight the white, black, silver, navy blue and grey.

When putting on make-up, the pink, bluish and orange tones. Instead, golden colors should be avoided, because they can make the skin look more yellowed or tired.

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