Are Zendaya and Tom Holland getting married? this is the engagement ring

There is no doubt that in recent years, Zendaya and Tom Hollandhave become one of couple of momentsBoth on and off the big screen, that’s because their romance began during the shooting of the film Spider ManAfter months of speculation about where the two heroes are and romance, Rumors confirmed and revealed them relationshipHowever, the pair will be nowhere close to reaching altar,

From the very first moment, their chemistry caught the attention of all the fans Spider Manwho also started from famous ships, but that was until July 2021who were caught for the first time Kiss And with that the social network went crazy.

In September of that year, tom holland shared a photo with Zendaya added more details “My MJ, have a happy birthday. call me when you wake up”, Hours later, the actress replied “I’m calling right now.”, With this post he broke the social network.

Whereas, in June 2022 Zendaya celebrated his 26th birthday tom holland And he did not miss the opportunity to publish a never-before-seen photo and dedicate some romantic words to her “Happy Birthday to the one who makes me the happiest” And added a heart at the end of the emotional message.

Zendaya talks about her engagement with Tom Holland

months passed and tom holland and zendaya were caught on several occasions, however, in recent times a rumor surfaced that mentioned the couple will reach the altarAll this because Actress shared a photography on social networks where you can see what appears to be Engagement ring,

This rumor reached ZendayaWho immediately uploaded a video where he says the following, “I posted the photo because of my hat, not because of the ring on my finger, guys! Seriously, do you think I would break the news to them like this?”revealed.

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