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Argan oil to remove make-up from the face. Apparently, Lady Gaga (or rather, her makeup artist Sarah Tanno) used it to remove all traces of makeup from her face during the night of the Oscars 2023. As is well known, the singer first appeared among the guests with her face perfectly made up, and then went on stage for her performance in jeans, a T-shirt, All Star sneakers and clean facial skin. It seems that argan oil is behind Lady Gaga’s make-up remover, used according to the technique of skin stripping, a true stripping of the skin.

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As it explains Angela Noviello, head of the beauty division of Milano Estetica“the technique of cleaning the face with a first pass of oil is typical of the elaborate multi-step korean routine for skin“. But why argan oil to remove make-up? “Actually, all vegetable oils, from argan to avocado, jojoba or almond, are effective for this purpose. The reason is simple: “In the skin cleansing phase, oils are ideal because, being lipophilic, they dissolve impurities and the most resistant makeup (mascara, eyeliner, etc.). At the same time, the oil, while cleansing and removing make-up, has the ability to hydrate and nourish the skin. However, by itself, oil is not enough for a complete cleaning: after the step with this product it is necessary to continue with a second step with a milk (for delicate skin) or with a gel or mousse (for normal, mixed or oily skin). Finally, remember that oily cleansers are ideal for sensitive skin, since, unlike foaming soaps, they do not affect the skin barrier, protecting the most delicate skin.

In our gallery you will find a selection of excellent cleansing oils For perfectly clean and velvety facial skin.

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