“Argentina, 1985” looks beyond the Oscars

CANDIDATE. Norman Briski was nominated for a Platinum Award for his portrayal of Ruso (Straserra’s mentor) in “Argentina, 1985.”

“Argentina, 1985” received a new recognition in the last stretch of the race for the Oscars, although it does not imply a clean and jerk. Although all the votes of those who will define for which film the statuette for best international production (reserved for non-English-speaking films) will go, have already been cast, the film by Santiago Miter continues to garner applause and award nominations, confirming that his journey goes beyond what happens on Sunday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

The historical plot about how it was possible to prosecute the military juntas of the last dictatorship has now garnered 14 nominations for the Platino awards, the certificate reserved for the best of Ibero-American cinema and television that was installed as the regional Oscar. This gala will be held on April 22 at the Ifema Municipal Palace in Madrid.

The film is a candidate for best Ibero-American film, director, leading male performance (for Ricardo Darin and Peter Lanzani like the prosecutors Julius Caesar Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo) and cast (Carlos Portaluppi and Norman Briski) and supporting female (Alejandra Flechner), script, original music, art direction, editing, photography, sound and the special prize for Cinema and Education in Values.

In the tenth edition of the Platinum Awards, the national production in general received more nominations, with the feature that the duo of Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat They appear in a comedy film with “Official Competition” and in a miniseries with “El encargado”, by Mariano Cohn and Gaston Dupratwith William Francella nominated for his work. Other candidate Argentine works are the film “Hail”, by marcos carnevale; and the series “Iosi, the repentant spy”, by Daniel Burman (Alejandro Awada is among the candidates for his role) and “Santa Evita”, from Rodrigo Garcia and Alejandro Maci (Natalia Oreiro was honored for her performance). In the category animation bid “El paraíso”, by Federico Moreno Breser and Fernando Sirianni.

The Oscar stop is difficult for “Argentina, 1985”, which faces an almost certain winner in “All Quiet on the Front”, the German anti-war production that is a candidate in new categories for the Hollywood gala. But beyond this result, its international transit confirms it as the most relevant film in recent years about what happened in the country, and an instance of looking at the recent past 40 years after the recovery of democracy, in whose consolidation decisively collaborated in the criminal process that it describes.

Of Cordoba origin: Florencia Martín fights for the production design statuette

All eyes are on “Argentina, 1985” but it is not the only national representative at the Oscars that are delivered on Sunday. Florencia Martín recognizes herself as “from Los Angeles and Argentina”, since she was born in the United States of Cordoba parents. The 37-year-old is nominated together with Anthony Carlino for Production Design for their work on “Babylon”, the exuberant film by Damien Chazelle, starring Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie that recreates 1920s Hollywood. This production has been one of the great despised in the Oscar nominations, since it only appears in that category, original music and costumes; but in the specific area of ​​​​Martin it is strong since she won statuettes at the Bafta, Critics Choice Awards (photo) and the Art Direction Union. The specialist comes from having worked on “Blonde” and “Licorice Pizza” and her function is the design of the visual creation of the universe proposed by the director of a film, including the conception of the scenery with a strong imprint of the period in the projects you worked on. On Sunday she will compete with “All Quiet on the Front”, “Avatar: El Camino del Agua”, “Elvis” and “Los Fabelmans”.

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