Argentina accepts the US request to seize the detained Venezuelan plane

(CNN Spanish) — The Argentine judge Federico Villena ordered this Thursday the seizure of the plane of the Venezuelan state Emtrasur that has been held for two months at the Ezeiza international airport.

This was told to CNN by a source with access to the file.

It is the response of the Argentine justice system to the request of the US authorities.

The cargo Boeing 747 will now remain at the disposal of both countries and its retention is due to an investigation after a complaint of alleged links to terrorist activities while operating under the Iranian flag.

Maduro’s request to Argentina to release the Venezuelan plane 1:31

The plane was owned by the Mahan Air company, from that country, until 2022.

Both the aircraft and the Iranian airline were sanctioned by the United States Department of the Treasury because they would have provided services to the Al-Guds forces, classified as terrorists by Washington.

Both Emtrasur and Mahan Air have denied the allegations in public statements.

The Venezuelan government has been criticizing Argentina for handling the case and President Maduro assures that they want to “steal the plane.”

In addition, the Chavista government has conditioned the resumption of dialogue with the opposition to the return of the aircraft.

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