Argentina is in a state of panic due to possible kidnapping of a loanee, 5 year old child disappeared under mysterious circumstances

loanA 5-year-old boy has been missing for almost two weeks. In Argentina, his case is receiving special attention, a case that began with some images in which the little boy appears accompanied by his father on horseback to his grandmother’s house. There they have dinner in the last photo of the boy, who later went to the mountains to collect oranges with five other children and three adults, including his uncle.

Loan was never heard from again. Authorities are investigating the case as a kidnapping case a human trafficking network.All evidence leads to the possibility of a smuggling offence.

So far it is Six people were arrestedOne of them is the commissioner who was leading the Lone investigation and is now accused of trying to cover up and derail the investigation. The other five detained were present at that lunch time and surrounded Lone and came out. One of them is your uncleOne of the alleged co-authors of the alleged kidnapping, which would also include a local official.

“He was charged with a crime Recruitment of people for the purposes of exploitation“This is made worse by the fact that the victim was under 18 years of age. The country is shocked by her case and Argentine authorities have launched an all-out search effort to determine her whereabouts,” the prosecutor said.

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