Argentina resumes entry requirements prior to the covid-19 pandemic – 04/01/2022

The Government of Argentina reported this Friday that it will normalize country entry requirements to the conditions prior to the covid-19 pandemicsince it will open all border crossings and will require a sworn statement from residents and non-residents and covid-19 insurance from international tourists.

The measure communicated by the Ministry of the Interior implies the simplification of all entry procedures, foresees the elimination of the categories of “safe brokers” and the PCR analysis requirements and of vaccination against covid-19 for entry to Argentina that had been imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a meeting with 15 governors of provinces with international crossings, the Interior informed them that income to Argentina will be normalized in the coming days with the opening of the 237 points of entry and exit to the country, both by land, river, sea and air. , and that they will begin operating in accordance with pre-pandemic conditions.

The new regulation, which will become effective as of its publication in the Official Gazette, estimates that the points of entry into the country enabled up to now will operate under the new established conditions and that a scheduled and staggered opening of the entry points will be carried out. not enabled so far.

Argentina, which borders Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, began with a border closure at the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, which was modified according to the health context.

As of this Friday, non-resident foreigners must complete an Electronic Affidavit at least 48 hours before the trip and have covid-19 health insurance with coverage for hospitalization, isolation and/or sanitary transfer services, according to Interior.

Argentines and residents must also complete the Electronic Affidavit at least 48 hours before the trip to enter the country.
But Argentines, residents and non-residents who enter the country for less than 24 hours and do so by land will be exempt from completing the Electronic Sworn Statement.

And it was clarified that non-resident foreigners of Ukrainian nationality or from Ukraine, while they remain in a temporary migratory situation, must have covid-19 health insurance if they do not have any other form of health coverage.

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