Ari Telch responds to rumors that his daughter Sofia lives partying | u-channel

The actor was upset at the speculation about his 25-year-old daughter.


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A week ago, on Mother’s Day, some speculation arose about the relationship between Ninel Count and her eldest daughter Sophia TelchWell, the latter shared some messages in their Instagram stories that suggested they were estranged.

Days later, Ninel Conde declared that the relationship with Sofía has always been stable and has been fine. Ninel herself stressed that Sofia is 25 years old, so there are no problems of rebellion or distance between them at all.

But it seems that despite Ninel’s attempts to clarify the situation, many do not believe that she has a good relationship with her eldest daughter, and for this reason a medium went to ask Ari TelchSofía’s father, how is his daughter’s relationship with her ex and if it’s true that her eldest daughter spends her time partying and drinking.

As expected, the questions were not to Ari’s liking, who quickly told the Ventaneando program that he was not interested in talking about the gossip about his daughter. “I haven’t read them (the notes), I’m not interested, my daughter is 25 years old, I think she already has the right to write whatever she wants”, He said referring to Sofia’s messages on Instagram.

When questioned about Sofia’s lifestyle and if it’s true that she spends her time drinking, Ari replied: “Wow, gu%$! At 25, he was at a party and sucked… wow! Wait for me, let me talk to the National Guard cabr$%, so that they arrest her. When I was 25, I wasn’t posting stuff, I was in the darkest slums,” she replied.

In an ironic tone, he showed that he has an excellent relationship with his daughter and that he is in contact with her and that he is sure of his daughter’s education, whom he denied “having shielded” so that this type of news does not affect him.

Finally, Ari did not want to speculate on the relationship between his daughter and Ninel Conde, who only assured that she is close to him.

“Why do you make me speculate? My girl is 25 years old, my baby, my creature. She is close to me, have you distanced yourself from your parents? Or did you distance yourself? Me too, slouch, sometimes I still distance myself from my mother, we call each other mother. Well, she manifested herself, what do I do? I am sorry… Alert that she has a broken heart?

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