Ariadne Díaz, victim of crime on her anniversary with Marcus Ornellas

Ariadne Díaz is a victim of crime on her anniversary with Marcus Ornellas, a situation that he shared last night in his Instagram stories, after he went to dinner with his partner. She thanked that “luckily” they were robbed in her absence and it was only something material.

Ariadne Díaz, 36, went to her Instagram account, in which she has 6.1 million followers, to expose the situation: she and Marcus Ornellas, 39, went to dinner with some friends, parked the vehicle next to to a pharmacy and when they returned they realized that the car no longer had the mirrors.

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The actress of “The double life of Estela Carrillo” and “You had to be you” mentioned that unfortunately it was the “daily bread in this country (Mexico)”, a situation that upset her because she explained that even “we parked next to from a pharmacy on a busy street. Since the business has security cameras, Marcus Ornellas requested the recordingsbut “mysteriously they don’t have them and let’s see what they can do”.

“Since we are so used to it, as if this were normal or fine, one has to thank that fortunately they robbed you in your absence so that it did not scare you or it was something material.”

However, Ariadne Díaz emphasized that “no, it is not normal, it is not right. We’re used to it, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay”. He added that the only thing left is to buy new mirrors, and with apparent annoyance he said that we must “give thanks that we are well”.

The couple experienced the bad moment after in the morning celebrated their seventh anniversary as a couple, time in which they became parents of Diego, 5 years old, and got engaged almost 4 years ago, on the actress’s 32nd birthday. Although the wedding has not yet arrived, in an interview, the Brazilian actor said that he sees it as “a celebration, rather than a necessity, a celebration to celebrate our union, which we already have.”

Ariadne Díaz is a victim of crime on her couple’s anniversary. Special: Instagram.

To commemorate their anniversary, they had a meeting with some friends in which they both they got tattoos of their initials, which they shared on their Instagram stories. Ariadne Díaz commented that “they say I have the M for Majin Boo… and Marcus is getting the A for self-esteem, for Ariadne, the love of my life.”

In this way, the couple of actors confirms that their love remains one of the strongest in the artistic worldsince they are “seven years together, a wonderful son, thousands of memories together and millions of dreams to come true,” the actress shared in a publication.

He also said that love has remained and grows, “although in real life (unlike on Instagram) there are difficult moments.” And that is because “we have managed to get ahead together and with more love and understanding.”

Currently, Ariadne Díaz is working on the production “Overcome absence”in which she gives life to Julia, a widow, while Marcus Ornellas joined the project “No man’s wife”, in which he will work with Livia Brito, Cynthia Klitbo and Azela Robison. In this way, both return to the small screen after a break.

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