Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez file divorce proceedings after two years of marriage

According to sources close to Ariana Grande, the singer may have ended her relationship with Dalton Gomez last January. Photo: Instagram/Ariana Grande

This was last July when it was revealed Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez split. According to the data of tmz, the couple would have ended their marriage in January, but since it was a continuation throughout the relationship, they decided to keep the entire process private. Now, new report of page six He assured that both sides have presented their respective divorce claimsAre ending their marriage legally.

“irreconcilable differences” The argument presented by Ariana’s lawyer is, Laura Wasser. According to reports, both parties had already planned to complete the paperwork as soon as possible, which is why Ariana and Dalton had already prepared the divorce demand. Now, the only thing that is pending is a check of an undisclosed amount that Ariana will have to give to her husband of two years and their marriage contract will be formally cancelled.

It took Ariana and Dalton eight months to end their marriage. Now sources close to the former couple assure that the breakup happened this way because they wanted to take time “heal the wounds”, Apparently, it worked out pretty well, because shortly after the breakup was announced, reports indicated that Ariana and Dalton continued to talk on the phone and remained on friendly terms.

According to sources close to the former couple, the separation took place in an atmosphere of friendship Instagram/Ariana Grande

“They have been really loving and respectful of each other every step of this process.”Sources who follow Ariana and Dalton’s case closely say.

Although there has been no statement from either party regarding the reasons for the divorce, it is known that the couple’s rhythm of life was very different. As a real estate agent, Dalton tried in every way to move away from show business, while Ariana is one of the most relevant pop stars today, which is why she is a paparazzi magnet even today.

Ariana was seen at several events without a partner and even without her wedding ring. This was one of the main reasons for the separation rumors, and although the singer denied it at the time, it turned out to be true in the end.

Ariana Grande was seen without her wedding ring on several occasions. (Photo: Daily Mail UK)

A new name will be added to this equation later:Ethan SlaterAn actor who became famous on Broadway and who, apparently, He is now Ariana Grande’s new partner, Ethan and Ariana met during filming Wickedmovie prequel the Wizard of Oz And they immediately formed a strong friendship. Ariana went out with Ethan and his wife on several occasions, Lily J, With whom? They had their first child in 2022.

The friendship would soon grow into something more, but Ethan and Ariana decided to make things right and waited until their respective marriages were over. In any case, this didn’t sit well with Lily, according to reports tmz, She is “devastated” by Ethan’s decision.Apart from feeling betrayed by Ariana, whom she considered her close friend.

Ariana Grande may have started a new relationship with Ethan Slater

“Understandably, emotions are running high and it’s hard to watch your ex-wife move on, especially in such a public manner, and her friends are trying to protect her. But Ari and Ethan are just trying to stay cool and respect their former teammates while pursuing this new relationship.“, commented sources close to both.

Ultimately, Ethan and Lily ended their five-year marriage in late July. They both met during high school and have had a very stable relationship since then, but apparently, the singer is not easy to resist 7 rings.

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