Ariana Grande cries while talking about botulinum toxin addiction

The singer has decided to get rid of her fillers.

  • Ariana Grande decided to remove her lip fillers but they look the same as ever… Did she lie?

  • Now she seems to be apologetic and admitting that she has gone too far with the reform.

  • The singer remembers the moment she started filling her lips with botulinum toxin

There are hundreds of people who describe themselves as addicts aesthetic touch-up And this practice has spread so much that it is something that we see more and more in the present. pass through the hands of doctor To correct the flaws that complicate us, this is something that thousands and hundreds of celebrities do.

This time we have come to talk to you Ariana GrandeWho has recently confessed about the shape of her lips in a video. If we look at the pictures of the singer at the time when she entered the world of acting, Lips they had Nice and standard appearancel, but as the young woman gained strength and popularity, her face changed significantly, especially the appearance of her lips and the color of her skin.

Now, Ariana confessed to injecting botulinum toxin On many occasions, something touched his lips, which changed the appearance of his mouth completely. Very excited, she recognizes Passion Who has consumed this substance for years due to which the size of his lips has increased. After these statements singertalks about someone who has just entered his thirties leave this technology behind And wrinkles are obtained naturally… but will it be real?

In the latest photos of the artist, we have been able to see the same lips as in recent years. Don’t miss everything he tells us Nando Escribano More about this practice… Play and kill!

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