Ariana Grande fans ’embarrassed’ for pop star after boyfriend Ethan Slater shares ‘cringe’ photo as adult child

Ariana Grande’s fans are feeling embarrassed for the star after bizarre photos of her boyfriend Ethan Slater surfaced online.

The pair’s relationship has been controversial since the beginning, with some speculating that the pop singer and actor had an affair while she was married.

Ariana Grande fans are criticizing Ethan Slater over recent photosCredit: Getty
The actor dressed up as a kid and shared pictures on social mediaCredit: Instagram/real.llyjay

Ethan, 31, shared a carousel of photos on his Instagram feed from the opening night of Monty Python’s Spam, in which he appears.

Among the many photos, one of the actors was dressed as a child.

He was shown sitting in a big car with a bonnet on his head, not wearing any shirt and holding a big bottle in his hand.

There was a blanket lying on his lap, which covered the lower part of his body.

In addition to the snap, I’ve also included a text message exchange related to the photo.

In it, a friend asked: “You’re very funny. But why were you a kid?”

Ethan appeared to reply: “Eternal f**king questions.”

baby backlash

In the comments, critics made fun of the star.

“This is not the last picture,” one person wrote.

Another joked: “Really good job with this post.”

On Twitter, formerly where the photo was shared, another hater replied: “This is who Ariana was willing to risk all this for?”

“Ariana…sweetie,” another criticized.

A third commenter responded: “That’s so embarrassing.”

Someone else wrote, “I wish I had never laid eyes on this.”

moving on

Meanwhile, Ariana is working on ending her marriage to ex-husband Dalton Gomez.

The pair officially divorced in October, with a judge ordering the Everyday singer to pay millions to her former partner.

TMZ reported that the divorce was quite simple.

The couple had an ironclad prenup that protected both of them.

Ariana is expected to pay Dalton $1,250,000.

They will also receive half of the proceeds from the sale of the mansion they shared in Los Angeles.

The actress will also cover $25,000 of Dalton’s attorney fees.

A source told the outlet: “Ariana and Dalton still have a strong mutual love and respect and they wanted to make sure everything was done right with each other.”

getting dirty

Meanwhile, Ethan’s divorce is getting ugly.

His estranged wife Lily J has filed her divorce papers against the SpongeBob actor.

After almost five years of marriage, she filed for divorce in Ithaca, New York.

The complaint has been sealed but case documents list their divorce as “disputed.”

Lily filed for divorce just six days after Ethan filed for divorce in New York City.

The deportees were living there with their young son until their separation.

News of the separation comes after it was reported that Ethan was dating Ariana, with whom he co-starred on Wicked.

Ariana recently finalized her divorce from Dalton GomezCredit: Getty
Meanwhile, Ethan’s wife Lily J recently filed her own lawsuit against her ex-husbandCredit: Instagram/real.lilyjay
Ethan and Ariana’s relationship has been full of controversiesCredit: Getty

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