Ariana Grande gives Rosalía a gift to increase her beauty

In a very short time it will be the launch of her new makeup line and the singer Ariana Grande has already started with the gifts of the star products to her friends, as is the case of rosalia to whom your package has already arrived.

With the best trends in makeup, the makeup brand has refreshing proposals that have already reached the boudoir of the beautiful Spanish artist, who has some of the premieres of this new collection.

The first of the products is the Midnight Black eyeliner marker with such a fine tip that it will leave your eyes like a Ariana Grande. She also boasted of having the REM Beauty fantasy illuminator from the Highlighter topper line, which has up to 10 different colors.

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Ariana Grande gives Rosalía a gift to increase her beauty. Source: Instagram

This luxury beauty house launched in 2021 to a great deal of success among the artist’s fans, who are now clamoring for new versions of these lines, now in the vibrant pink valentino that we’ll be seeing everywhere this year.

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