Ariana Grande: Positions is her most sensual album


Positions, which comes closest to modulations soul by producer Tommy Brown, is very reminiscent of that sound of the origins, but combined with more adult lyrics. The album opens with Shut Up, title that needs no explanation: a mix of graceful and kicking vibes with texts that have the strength of a warning “You know you look really stupid “ (You know you sound so dumb) And “How do you use your time when you worry so much about how I use mine “(How you be using your time, you be so worried about mine) before peaking with a grand finale from Cinderella to the ball.

2. Ariana Grande is having a lot of sex (in case you were wondering)

Adult content doesn’t stop there. Although Ariana Grande has never been shy to sing out of desire – see the explicit Side to Side 2016, with the contribution of Nicki Minaj – Positions it is perhaps the first time he has done it with slow jam in an even slower and ballad version. The second track 34 + 35, a hymn under the banner of the ‘Netflix and ca ** eggio’ formula that arrives just in time for winter, immediately sets the mood without too many hesitations or subtleties. “If I put it quite plainly, just give me them babies), the pop star whispers at one point, before getting even more explicit in the chorus. And if you ever have problems with additions, Grande thinks about suggesting the answer: “It means that I want to do 69 with you. No bullshit. It’s mathematics ”(Means I wanna 69 with you, no shit, math class).


The sensory Six Thirtyinstead, he insinuates that having a relationship with her means getting ‘in motion’ early with performance morning. Then we move on to the more dirty tones with Nasty, which remembers Jaguar, the seductive mini album by longtime collaborator Victoria Monét. With aqueous textures, ai beat tactile to the sumptuous choirs: the entire sonic palette of the album, including all its nuances, seems made especially for the bedroom.

3. It is a mixtape united by the same mood with one big single

Released nine days after an announcement without much fanfare, the title track is also the most immediate one. Not that the rest of the record suddenly plunges into the most unlikely electronics; it’s just that Positions – the song – immediately looks like a hit without fail. A cascade of harmonies with a beat that spreads slowly and an epic catchphrase refrain: it may not even be a ‘single manifesto’ like Thank U, Next or Problem but it has that mood casual and easygoing that never leaves you anymore.


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