Ariana Grande sent a beautiful thought to Gwen Stefani, who almost didn’t believe it was really from her part


How would you react if you read the signature “Ariana“on a gift card? Maybe you’d rub your eyes and wouldn’t believe it’s really about Ariana Grande, just like it happened to Gwen Stefani!

The 51-year-old singer posted a beautiful floral thought on Instagram Stories that her 27-year-old colleague sent her. It is a mini meadow of sunflowers and the vase is made of colored pastels.

I was here normal in my house, I walked into a room and saw this – says the star in the video – AND I wonder, whose side will it be?“.

He then shows a handwritten note that reads: “Congratulations on your new single! I love it and am a huge fan. With love, Ariana“.

At this point Gwen Stefani starts shouting enthusiastically: “Thing? Ariana Grande ?! Thank you very much, that’s a very sweet thing of you. Wow“.

Then still incredulous she asks: “Wait a minute, what if it’s not the real Ariana Grande but just a person named Ariana?“. But in the end someone tells her that it is really the colleague!


The new single that has earned Ariana Grande’s esteem is titled “Let Me Reintroduces Myself“and you can listen to it here:

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