Ariana Grande ‘singing’ like María del Monte, AI revolutionizes the Internet

Artificial Intelligence is capable of dubbing Ariana Grande and making her sing for María del Monte

The Artificial intelligence has come to stay. In recent weeks, social networks have been filled with content created over the Internet using algorithms that can be obtained any kind of creation. From totally surreal photographs, texts written and developed with all the sense in the world with which you can make summaries of books and complete university papers and even videos that will make us doubt whether or not they are real.

After this flood of creations and development of web pages such as ChatGPTexperts and engineers have opened the debate on how to use these applications and technological advances that the Internet world offers us.

Artificial Intelligence, capable of ‘reviving’ Michael Jackson

One of the contents that is sweeping since the arrival of this Artificial Intelligence are the versions of songs with the voice of other artists acquaintances created through this AI.

All this is very simple: by following just a few steps, users are able to choose the song they want and, modulating a series of tools and details, capture the voice of the singer they want and insert it into this piece of music. In this way, you can get thousands of songs sung by any artist.

Carrying out these steps, artists who are already deceased as michael jackson They have been ‘revived’ through Artificial Intelligence and have been made to sing hits that are sweeping the music charts such as the songs performed by himself The Weekend.

Users have not only tried deceased artists. They have also wanted to put some artists who have not released music for years to sing, such as mythical Rihanna.

From Quevedo as David Bisbal to Ariana Grande as María del Monte

The mixes and creations are innumerable and each one more surreal. From Quevedo singing ‘Ave Maria’ from David Bisbal to Ariana Grande singing well-known and popular songs in Spain such as ‘The Cat Under the Rain’ by Rocío Dúrcal either ‘Sing to me’ by María del Monte.

The publication and the possibility of creating these versions has also opened a debate between the artists and the major record labels who, reluctant to this technological advance, have promised to sue anyone who dares to supplant the voice of their artists.

A trend that does not seem to stop even though the great music labels threaten to take them to court.

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