Ariana Grande’s disappointment over the leak of ‘Fantasize’ and the fine given to the fan responsible – Javi Ambite and La Megamana

“The one who was a little ‘Cry’, cry, Ariana Grande is For which it has been established. A fan by the name Ariana Venti called out the name, huh? To make matters worse, about a month ago, a fan uploaded an unreleased song of Ariana Grande to the platform and social network, which went viral. There has been too much discussion in recent times and he is completely frustrated by it. A melody that you can listen to by clicking ‘Play’ on the audio that appears at the top of this news.

,Over half a million Shazam has been used in 600,000 videos on TikTok and InstagramAnd this Britney Spears song you hear, this ‘Fantasies’, Ariana wrote it for a comedy sketch about a group of girls, she has never released it and the singer has urged her fans That please stop spreading this,” the DJ continued before understanding the megastar artiste’s sentiments: “He said it was “disappointing”. Feeling disappointed, come on, because I was going to hear this melody some other time, some other day, That’s why he said please stop spreading it. No sooner said than done. By the way, the fan who spread it has not escaped it: he has received a multimillion-dollar prize worth 10,000 euros.”

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