Ariana Grande’s gift to Rosalía that will complete your beauty routine

The singer of the moment is a big fan of everything that has to do with makeup. She loves to try new looks and always has a tendency of make up ready to show off on stages and red carpets. Today, rosalia has received a beauty pack from the singer Ariana Grande that you loved it We discover all the products of the makeup pack that is also succeeding in networks!

That same morning, Rosalía has received a package of creams from the latest collection of Kylie Jenner, but after a while he was lucky enough to hear the doorbell ring again to receive a gift from the American singer. Ariana Grande launched a makeup line in 2021 that was a complete success, its biggest fans swept all the products and, now, REM Beauty has become a reference brand for lovers of make up. There are already many famous singers who have begun to take their first steps in the world of beauty. Let’s remember that Victoria Beckham has its own line of products beautyas well as the famous brand Rihanna’s “Fenty” either Lady Gaga with her “Haus Laboratories”.

Ariana Grande Rosalia

Rosalía receives the most sought after products from Ariana Grande’s makeup line

What is one of the hallmarks of the singer of Break Free? It is very clear, the eyeliner cat, very black and symmetrical, which he does not take off even to sleep. That has been one of the components of the gift eyeliner marker Midnight Black of REM Beauty that beauty prescribers love for how easy it is to handle, its dark ink and its durability. It has a price of 22 euro on the official website of the brand.

Another of the essentials of Rosalía’s gift was the fantasy highlighter of REM Beauty. The model highlighter topper It is available in up to 10 colors in its flashes, ranging from the typical gold, through lime green, vibrant yellow, purple or chocolate brown. They are ideal for party makeup and for the most daring girls. Swipe to discover all the gift products from Ariana Grande to Rosalia in the gallery and get the one you need the most to succeed with your make up.

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