Ariel Nahuelpán, the brand new reinforcement of Mazatlán FC, who previously went to Halftime

Today he scores goals and hopes to meet them again as a reinforcement of Mazatlán FC, but to live these benefits of life, Ariel Nahuelpán had to ‘get’ him in all aspects; the now gunboat striker recalled that, at some point in his life, he dedicated himself to masonry in Argentina.

What was Nahuelpán’s childhood like in Argentina?

Life was not easy for him. born in Buenos Aires, who due to the economic problems that his family was going through had to divide his time in childhood; in the morning he helped his father Juan with the masonry and in the afternoon he coached soccer.

Yes, as an assistant (I worked as a masonry). I helped him, we had to work at that moment, I gave the old man a hand; He shook my hand at his time and now I shake his hand, so he’s a very good guy, a hard worker, like my mom. It is beautiful to be a grateful son and for my children to see it, to give them that example, to help their elders when needed,” Nahuelpán recalled in an interview with halftime.

“My dad was a bricklayer. He was actually his assistant, he did everything. But well, I learned something, not much; From there I did not leave soccer, I was always linked to sport. After that I went to Nueva Chicago, I was able to grow in the lower ranks, and after two and a half years I made my debut against Boca Juniors, in the First Division”.

Nahuelpán’s goals with his previous club

How did Nahuelpán start in soccer?

Several years of this double work were rewarded, when In 2006 Ariel Nahuelpán debuted with Nueva Chicago and for 2008 he went to Coritiba in Brazil.

“What happens is that I helped him in the morning-afternoon, and from there I went to train; always linked to sport. At night or late he would play and/or train. Later I had to leave him, because I entered the inferiors, I went to the Chicago boarding house. It was in the Fifth Division, second year of the Fourth and I made my debut”, added the South American attacker.

Just as he was a bricklayer, Nahuelpán also made ‘Baby Fut’ in Argentinaa soccer format, but with five players and similar to the indoor one.

While I was playing indoor soccer, baby soccer, I was also in Argentinos Juniors and he played a field of 11. Like all the boys. He plays baby and then in the 11’s, we did that. I was always linked to soccer, at some point I had to help my dad, but always playing the baby. I was growing, I didn’t play on the 11-a-side court for 3 years, but I played baby, a little bigger”.

Ariel Nahuelpan He is a guy who measures 1.90, imposing; tattooed and tough-looking, but “I’m a calm guy, appearances are sometimes deceiving; I’m very calm off the field. Inside you always want to win, you’re at a thousand revolutions, sometimes you get too excited.”

But it counts more: “I come from a very hard-working family, both from mom and dad., and that must also be instilled in the children. I am a warrior, a fighter for life who always tries to be a good guy, a good person, and that is what stays. One then withdraws and what remains is the essence, the human being and nothing else.

The challenge of Nahuelpán in Mazatlán FC

In his career he has countless teams and countries where he has shown his football. He was in Argentina with New Chicago and Tigerin Coritiba and International of Brazil, R.acing from Santander in SpainBarcelona and Liga de Quito in Ecuador, he went through Peñarol in Uruguay, and in Liga MX, which he tried in 2013 with cougarsand where he also reinforced the Pachuca, Tijuana, Querétaro and now Mazatlán FC.

It’s a nice experience a new experience, a new club with many illusions. I am very happy, the idea is to be competitive and be in the best shape to face this. There was the possibility of renewing with Querétaro. It was a very difficult yearthe possibility of Mazatlan was givenWe had been chatting with my representative, they were evaluating the entire sports part, and it happened. With waiting and patience it happened, and I’m very happy.”

naturalized mexicanAriel Nahuelpán accepted that despite having a career in several countries, he would like to make old bones with Mazatlán FC: “You obviously want to have the career of (Javier) Zanetti, of (Lionel) Messi, who have been in a club for 25 years, but that is circumstantial, sometimes we make decisions. I want to stay, be here, that things go well for me, for the club that is new, that is growing, to qualify for the Liguilla and then it is always to grow as a footballer”, concluded Ariel Nahuelpán.

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