ARK II – The dinosaurs are back with bonus Vin Diesel

If survival games are your passion, you most likely know ARK from having ventured many hours into the game phenomenon that it is. Waking up naked as a worm on a beach with only your little fists to defend yourself against prehistoric monsters doesn’t scare you? Perfect. The second volume of your adventures will open soon!

Taking up the keys to what propelled the first opus to the top of the genre, ARK II will not be counted on being a simple ersatz with two or three additional features. Beyond a pronounced graphic update, the developers of Studio Wildcard were able to bring to the screen the great ambitions they had for this sequel. If the dinosaurs are still in the game (not without dec?), it is a Vin Diesel all in muscles who comes to grant himself the main role in the person of Santiago, a hero well known to fans of the license. Accompanied by his daughter Meeka, played by Auli’i Cravalho, it’s a real family story in the land of dinos that will be written.

The principle remains generally the same, survive, craft, tame the most ferocious beasts encountered and develop your knowledge, but the differences are important. First of all, the title will be played exclusively in the third person and the entire combat system has been redesigned to incorporate more dynamism, weight and realism in the bites and blows. The card system has been redesigned, as has the crafting interface and the management of your 30-ton “pets”. Lots of improvements that will be detailed shortly

The best is yet to come with the possibility announced by the studio to be able to take advantage of Mods on Xbox which on PC have devilishly modified the in-game experience of players. These will be available on Xbox Series X|S so the adventure never quite ends. The studio title Studio Wildcard will be available as a console exclusive on Xbox as well as on PC. Also count on its presence on the Game Pass, starting next year.

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