AROMATHERAPY Its benefits and uses for physical, mental and emotional well-being

This Saturday, September 03, Aromatizarte will be found in the Galpón de San Vicente where you can find its outstanding essences. Plus a line of beauty and wellness based on essential oils

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In this flourishing spring season where aeroallergens are spread through the air,
The outstanding essence to prevent the symptoms of spring rhinitis according to the aromatherapist Macarena Inostroza, creator of the Aromatizarte line of essential oils, is the “Anti-Catarrh Synergy” that contains a mixture of essential oils (Eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, lavender, basil, ginger, mint) that helps to clear the respiratory tract, to deflate olfactory mucous membranes and helps to lower the state of alertness or overreaction that these aeroallergens trigger in the immune system.

The benefits of this and other products can be found this Saturday, September 3 at the San Vicente Shed.

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A little history

The use of aromatic plants is considered one of the oldest healing techniques as is the history of mankind, the practice of making incense sticks with bark and aromatic herbs as an offering of connection with the Great Spirit is still very common in clans or tribal societies. In different ancient cultures and civilizations traces of aromatic ointments, medicinal oils, poultices and healing perfumes have been found. However, it is the Egyptians who are considered pioneers and masters in the use of aromatherapy since the depth of their knowledge regarding the benefits and properties of essential oils allowed them to develop extremely refined processes in the preservation of mummified bodies.

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Today aromatherapy uses essential oils to help improve the well-being and quality of life of people immersed in the maelstrom of a lifestyle of permanent demand where goals and objectives make us completely forget the urgent need to do pauses to harmonize our emotions to recover the strength of our physical body and reconnect with the balance and wisdom of our central nervous system.

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What benefits does aromatherapy have?
Aromatherapy has various health benefits, since depending on the essential oils used, it has antiseptic properties such as lavender, antibiotics such as tea tree, astringent such as boldo, sedative such as lemon balm, expectorant such as eucalyptus and refreshing. like mint, in mood disorders like verbena and geranium.

As for the psychological benefits, aromatherapy has a calming effect that facilitates relaxation and peace of mind such as Calming Synergy (lavender, tangerine and chamomile)

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There are various techniques to apply aromatherapy and achieve relief from our discomforts such as electric diffusers, ceramic amphorae, however it is important to know how each essence works to choose according to what we need to develop or enhance. For example, lavender essential oil helps us connect on an emotional level with healthy maternal qualities, it brings us calm, containment, lowers levels of anguish, helps us sleep better and overcome insomnia, invites us to be in a state more from the observer self-regulating the overreaction to external stimuli.

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“Perseverance is the way” to see results with essential oils, says Macarena Inostroza, creator of Aromatizarte, who explains that “Through the inhalation of these essences you can increase the immune system, cure both physical and emotional conditions, even improve the sense of personal security, raising self-esteem when we use citrus aromas. In this season, its concentrate “Anti-cold Synergy” stands out, which helps to better cope with the symptoms of those of us who suffer from Spring Rhinitis. And I trust you! that today I can be under a fully blooming tree breathing and enjoying its aroma. Seizures decreased by 90% when using the kit before and throughout the spring period”. Macarena remarks.

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This Saturday, September 03, you will find Aromatizarte in the Galpón de San Vicente where you can find these and other outstanding essences.
Plus a line of beauty and wellness based on essential oils
number of wellness products.

Camino San Vicente from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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