Arrakis on Earth: the spectacular locations of the filming of Dune

After delays and multiple issues, Denis Villeneuve saw his adaptation of Dune released in theaters in September 2021. The “unadaptable” sci-fi epic of Frank Herbert returned to the big screen with this film that adapted, approximately, the first half of the book.

While Villeneuve and the cast of Dune work on the second part, we have decided to return to the first to review some of the most representative elements.

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The film may stand out for brutal performances like that of rebecca ferguson or the bestial Baron Harkonnen of Stellan Skarsgårdbut it is the cinematography where the impressive landscapes of Arrakis Y Caladan They shine in all their glory.

The fascinating environments described by Frank Herbert in the book come to life in a spectacular way thanks to the work of Greig Fraser and the result of localization work that covered various locations around the globe.

The landscapes of Dune on Earth

In order to film Caladan, which has a leading role in the first section of the film, Denis Villeneuve opted for Norwayspecifically the stad peninsulato represent the home ocean world of the Atreides.

The production left the chill and embraced the torrid temperatures of Jordan to film the Wadi Rum reservea location that has seen the passage of several productions and that serves to represent the rocky environments of Arrakis.

The production also went through Abu Dhabiin the United Arab Emirates, to film environments such as the Liwa Oasiswhich helped shape the landscape backgrounds of Arrakis, and the desert of Rub al Khaliwhere the sequences of the Fremen refuges were taken.

Aerial shots were also taken that would serve as a resource for the ornithopter sequences, which would later be inserted digitally.

Most of the sequences Arrakenincluding the attack, were filmed in Budapest, Hungaryin the Origo Film Studioswhere Dune has returned to film the second part.

The spectacular nature of the arid landscapes of Arrakis is, as we have said, a great contributor to the success of the film and its excellent quality.

Dune will return with its second part in 2023, with Denis Villeneuve returning as director, as well as a good part of the cast.

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