arrives in November at Disney +

Disney+ has already confirmed the premiere date for season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy in Spain. The new episodes of the long-running doctor series that continues to break records on ABC will hit the platform on November 2with five residents joining the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital staff.

Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho and Midori Francis They join in this installment the regular cast of the series, led by Ellen Pompeo, who, despite the fact that she will participate in fewer episodes, will continue to have a presence, as we can see in the trailer.

As it has done on previous occasions, Grey’s Anatomy reinvents itself again after what happened in the season 18 finale, in which the Board of Medical Accreditation shut down the Gray Sloan residency program, with Owen and Teddy on the run, Richard Webber on sabbatical, Miranda Bailey presenting her resignation and Meredith deciding whether to trade Seattle for Minnesota. By the time the new installment begins, a few months have passed in fiction.

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The new residents of Gray Sloan

“Congratulations, you have achieved it. You will save many lives with this material. And you will also end them.” These are the words with which Meredith Gray welcomes the young doctors of the hospital’s new resident program. These are the new characters.

  • Simon Griffith (Alexis Floyd), is a professional who usually establishes a very strong emotional bond with her patients.
  • A Jules Millin (Adelaide Kane) likes to control and is impulsive, but deep down she always has good intentions.
  • the resident Lucas Adams (Niko Terho) arrives with a lot to prove, so he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure no one doubts he deserves to be there.
  • The most competitive of all benson (Harry Shum Jr.), who will always be fighting to be number 1.
  • The quintet closes it Mika Yasuda (Midori Francis), the joker who likes to make others laugh, but whose sense of humor gets her into more than one problem.

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