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The latest trend on social media app TikTok is to post AI-generated yearbook photos. Nostalgia is eternal, and users of the video-sharing platform are re-imagining themselves as ’90s students by using AI apps to turn their selfies into retro photos. Complete with a mullet or perm, how to do it Artguru AI Yearbook TikTok trend.

AI Yearbook What is the TikTok trend?

The classic “yearbook photo” is no longer a hit like it used to be. A large percentage of TikTok users are too young to have attended school (or college) in the ’90s — arguably the stylistic pinnacle of the high school yearbook photo. So, instead, social media users are using artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate vintage yearbook photos from the 1990s showing their own 2020 faces.

One such free online AI art generator is ArtGuru AI Face Swap App. Now you can change your profile picture to different styles like comics cartoon, or of course the 90s yearbook photo. This AI photo generator doesn’t have an Android or iOS app like ChatGPT on any app stores – however, the popular alternative does, the EPIK-AI Photo Editor app!

Philippines’ Bretman Rock, Krizz Uy and Megan Young were among the first internet stars to promote the ’90s filter trend, followed by MisterBeast, Bella Poarch, Charli D’Amelio and Zach King.

The Artguru AI art generator, for which we’ve created a tutorial below, uses the power of artificial intelligence to create AI avatars ready to share on Instagram, or as part of the AI ​​Yearbook TikTok trend.

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Our Artguru Face Swap Tutorial

AI Yearbook To get TikTok trending, follow these simple steps:

In any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.), visit the Artguru website and create an account.

We recommend that you complete this process on the smartphone from which you will post the TikTok.

Upload a photo of your face that you would be happy with, allowing the AI ​​to be trained on it. To do this, select the “Face Swap” tab, and click “Add Face.” You have to upload only one photo.

Your face should be clearly visible in the photo. Using the passport ID guidelines will help.

Choose your yearbook photo

Once your photo is uploaded, scroll down the page until you see “Select photo to view again.” Here, you’ll select photos you recognize from the ArtGuru AI Yearbook TikTok trend.

Then, click “Generate” and give the AI ​​a few seconds to process. Once it’s finished, click Download. The photos will be saved to your Camera Roll (or downloaded, if you chose to complete this process on a desktop computer).

Finally, upload your AI-altered photos to TikTok! There appears to be no consistent ‘audio’ or editing template in this trend. This means you can upload your photos as TikTok videos without any formatting, and it will count as a trend.

However, there are some popular CapCut templates. To find a video you like, search “AI Yearbook” on TikTok, scroll through until you find a video you like, and then tap “CapCut – Try This Template.”

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