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There Juve he waited Arthur, Max Merry he also included him in the Champions League list, Arthur couldn’t wait to relaunch himself in Juventus. But then the spark did not strike, quite the contrary. After the defeat in Verona, baptized by that wrong back pass of the Brazilian, Arthur has really ended up in oblivion before the repechage at the end of 2021. Yes, he returned to the rotations, even decisive as in Rome. But it has come out, perhaps definitively, from the Juventus project beyond use. Also by one’s own choice, because at a certain point it was Arthur who asked his new agent Federico Pastorello to take him away from Juve. Since December, Arsenal has been among the clubs involved (read here), now the Gunners have changed gear and have in fact reached an agreement with the Brazilian for a loan until the end of the season. Covering the entire salary, thus laying the foundations to satisfy Juve as well. HERE JUVE. But the Juventus club would also like, if not to set some stakes for the conditional redemption, at least agree on an option for the renewal of the loan upon the achievement of certain objectives.i: in 18 months, even Arthur’s monstrous weight in the balance sheet would make it less impossible to sell him. And considering the Growth Decree factor that would vanish, this would help Juve to further breathe the budget but also to find a replacement. Also because if Arthur said yes across the board at Arsenal, a decisive condition remains: Juve must first find a replacement. An agreement with Arsenal will be found in one way or another, Juve is given by many sides, also inclined to accept the six-month loan, on the Turin-London axis there has also been talk of Pierre-Emerick for some time Aubameyang for instance, but Arthur’s heir must be identified anyway. The fact that he is looking for him forcefully, rekindling the midfield market, shows how the intention is to please the Brazilian and Allegri at the same time, anything but in love with him.

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