“Artificial intelligence has gone too far,” says El Rubius

El Rubius spoke with an artificial intelligence with a Mexican “personality and culture”.

The interaction with the artificial intelligences It is becoming a whole issue on social networks, because now anyone can reach them, either by talking or even asking them to paint something or record a video, the possibilities they seem endless.

It is not abnormal, then, that this type of trend reaches the youtubers or the streamers and try to make content with this popular technology.

On this occasion, the popular Spanish youtuber, El Rubius, decided that it was time to prove why so much drama and attention to intelligence artificial…that he was surprised would be saying little.

The Rubius spoke with Kanye West

The Rubius decided to start his relationship with the AI ​​with the popular American singer-songwriter Kanye West, who to his surprise when asked if he could speak Spanish, replied “I’m learning.”

the rubius he asked Kanye’s AI what he thinks of his Youtube channel and he replied that he has created an amazing community and the only goal of his videos is to make people entertained.

However, the AI ​​admitted that it prefers the Rubius of before, the one who made videos in 2013 because the current one seems less fun.

He also talked to a Mexican AI

Rubius, to prove that he was talking to an AI with a Mexican personality and culture, asked him how far the Latin American country is from Europe, he replied that 10 hours by plane and 2 months by car “if your car doesn’t break down.” .

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