Artificial Intelligence shows similar views on both sides

Emma Watson as Bella, Halle Bailey as Pequena Serra, Tom Hanks as Geppetto, Angelina Jolie as Malevola, Emma Stone as Cruella and Will Smith as the Genie of Aladdin…

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images/Disney/Adoro Cinema

For several years, the Disney studio (which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with a short film that brings together all of its most famous characters) has featured the animated heroes of two of its most iconic classics played by flesh and blood. Transformed into very real human beings. actor..

As New Year and the Seven Years, the first feature-length film from studio animation, will become live-action in 2025 and the 2019 version of O Rei Leao will soon be a prologue, an Internet user will take the lead and try to imagine that Atlantis -The heroes of The Lost Kingdom (one of Disney’s two lowest-rated films in 2000) may appear to be played by real actors.

Using various artificial intelligence software, post live-action verses of the heroes in the search on your social networks, attributing them to the actors.

As you can see above, linguist and explorer Milo Thatch is played by Tom Holland, and Atlantean princess Kida is played by Zendaya. Next, we find Stephen Lang as the evil Commander Rourke, Margot Robbie as Helga Sinclair, Pedro Pascal as Vincenzo and Josh Gad himself as Gaetan, better known as “Taupera”.

Created in 2001 by the duo of directors Kirk Wise and Gary T…

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