Artist at the center of a heated controversy | Answer deleted

The famous artist has ended up at the center of a heated controversy. The accusations were triggered by an Italian character, to whom the star replied and then deleted the message. What happened?

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Undoubtedly his name stands out among the hottest artists of the moment. She is Cardi B, the young and talented artist who has already conquered millions of fan scattered all over the world. Over the years, the singer has met with sensational success with his hits that in a very short time have reached the heights of rankings international. From I Like It with J Balvin And Bad Bunny as far as Ring, Money Bag and many others, there are many songs that have made the famous artist famous all over the world. Today everyone knows Cardi B, but recently theartist ended up in the middle of a lit up controversy triggered precisely by a Italian character very well known. You know that what happened?

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The controversy about the artist

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Born in New York in 1992, Cardi B is one of the hottest artists of the moment. Over the years the young woman has collected an incredible series of successes, giving life to a career one in a kind. From collaborations with great artists such as J Balvin, Savage, Chance the Rapper and many others were born i tracks most famous of the young artist of Caribbean origins. Yet in recent days the singer has been bitterly criticized for one of his gesture. To do so was a very well-known Italian character. Here it is what happened.

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In the last few days, the Italian band of Maneskin she has performed on several occasions in the United States. To the MTV American Music Awards, the group of very young artists was presented by Cardi B. To do this, however, the singer has chosen a very particular way that has not gone unnoticed. The artist sat down at a table with a pasta dish above, to indicate the origin of the young band. The gesture a prominent member of the country did not like it. You know who is it?

Lapo Elkann, the young scion of the family Lambs, did not miss the opportunity for replicate to what happened. The entrepreneur criticized the singer for the gesture with harsh words. “Italy is not spaghetti and wine”, he said Elkann according to what is reported Fanpage. “So before presenting Italian artists, learn and prepare”, he added. There reply of the singer was not long in coming, but then to delete the message.

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