As Bathed in Gold, Alexa Dellanos Unseats Demi Rose


The beautiful model Alexa Dellanos unseated Demi Rose herself wearing her greatest charm in a swimsuit

Like bathed in gold! This is what Mirka Dellanos’ beautiful daughter, Alexa Dellanos, looks like. The famous influencer posed with a very small two-piece swimsuit in gold with which she unseated Demi Rose herself.

The British model was forgotten by the beautiful Alexa Dellanos, who decided to highlight her greatest charm on camera and it was something really huge.

The famous social networks showed off her small waist and pronounced curves from behind and holding her hair so that she did not hide anything of her beautiful anatomy.

Alexa Dellanos looked quite golden with the color of her outfit, her perfect tan, and her blonde hair, many would forget the beautiful British model for some time when they admired this beautiful girl.


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Alexa tends to constantly share content on her official Instagram account, where she has revealed some of her tastes and preferences. Being a model and DJ are her passions and ultimately, the party and the beach are her favorite hobbies.

Alexa Dellanos has become one of the darlings of social networks thanks to her beauty and perseverance. There are those who claim that her beauty is plastic, but her most loyal followers care little what is said about this beautiful woman.

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