As time goes! Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas and Steven Spielberg to celebrate ET’s 40th anniversary

UNITED STATES-. On Wednesday, March 23, the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival announced that drew Barrymore and Henry Thomasthe stars of the iconic film ET will join the director steven spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall for a special celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary. The event will mark the opening of the TCM Classic Film Festival 2022which will take place from April 21 to 24.

In the 1982 movie, Thomas brought to life Elliott, a boy who befriends an alien who crash lands on Earth. In her first major role on the big screen, Barrymore played her little sister. Now 50 years old, the prodigal child of ET has been recognized for some recent successes of Netflix like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass.

Last month Barrymore anticipated the great anniversary of ET, and revealed how she planned to celebrate with her daughters Frankie and Olive. “I’ve actually been talking to Steven Spielberg about it. He calls my daughters that he held as babies, and he has known them his whole life. I want to revel in them right now and include them and celebrate with Steven. He is a great father figure to me.”

Drew Barrymore joins the celebration for 40 years of ET

For Barrymore it’s a special anniversary, as her daughters are about the same age she was when the film was released. Was Spielberg who pointed out the coincidence to the actress. “He says, ‘We’re not missing this moment with your kids.’ I’m like, ‘Okay. You’re right’. This is very emotional and full circle. This is where I am, and they love Steven and they love his movies,” she explained.

“They love that he is so important to me, and he was really there to give me energy, protection and opportunity, and take care of the way his family is supposed to. When he said that we had to celebrate the 40th anniversary with the girls, I cried my eyes out and I’m so proud of where we all are. It feels like a blessing that everyone is happy, whole and healthy right now,” he said. Barrymore.

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