As “WAP” by Cardi B is still the song that talks about sex more talked about (and pushed?) a year after its release


He turned one year old, WAP. Cardi B’s song with Megan Theee Stallion was in fact, released on August 7, 2020 as the first excerpt from the second studio album. A little over a year later, WAP is still the most controversial song of recent years. In a way, even the most explicit, but not for the reason you might think.

«WAP», the song

Produced by the duo Ayo &Keyz, the song is a sample of the song Whores in This House (1992) by rapper Frank Ski. The wap title stands for “Wet-Ass Pussy”: for the literal translation, you can rely on Google. However, we can mention that, already from the title, there is talk of female lubrication, in abundance.
Indeed for some WAP it is “the praise of female lubrication”. Without any periphrasis or allusions, the two rappers in fact interpret a song that, among other things (it still speaks of sex eh), describes the enjoyment of women before, during and after sexual intercourse, complete with final squirting.

Not only that, because throughout the text we talk about sex in all its forms, including oral, and the pleasure given and received.

Among the most allusive “metaphors”, there is the rhyme “I want you to park your big Mack truck right in this little garage”.

Again, the refrain repeats the concept of lubrication and squirting, emphasizing how in certain cases, it would be necessary to use sling and bucket to clean and dry the floor after the enjoyment of some women.

“WAP”, who loves it and who hates it

Chat, in the sense that it’s really controversial, WAP it has divided public opinion in an extreme way from the beginning: there are those who praise it (including some gynecologists and feminists) because speaks of female sexuality with the same frankness with which it is usual to expect it from men and those who hate it, like some U.S. conservatives.

Meanwhile, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion sang WAP live at the 2021 Grammy Awards, giving away the most daring performance in the entire history of the music awards.

“WAP”, the sign language version is even more explicit

A year later, in fact, Megan Thee Stallion thought about it to rekindle the spotlight on WAP: the singer performed on the stage of Lollapalooza and also brought the hit of Cardi B. For his performance, he decided to accompany the choreography with the version (on the maxi screen) of the translation in sign language. The result (which “split” Tik Tok) is an even more explicit song than the verbal version.

Already last year a girl named Libbey Ketterer had shared on her YouTube channel The dailysig a clip in which she proposes a version of the song WAP in sign language.


The wapivversario

For his part, Cardi B has dedicated to the song (in its revolutionary way) an anniversary gallery with new shots (very sexy) from backstage and surroundings


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