Ashanti Finally Gets Credit for Jennifer Lopez’s 2000s Hits

Ashanti is happy to see the recognition attributed to her for having made part of the successes of Jennifer Lopez.

Ashanti expresses joy and relief

Ashanti is an icon of American music. The quality of his works and his contribution to his peers are the main reason for this. Jennifer Lopez for example had benefited from his contribution to his entry into music. Some fans have understood this fact, however many others have known it after its passage on Verzuz with Keyshia Cole.

In a recent interview with Subway UK, she expresses the feeling that animates her because of the credit she finally receives. She states: “You should always care about credit for what you do, no matter what industry you are in, it’s really important to give credit”. From his explanation, it should be remembered that credit is even more important these days and that this is not necessarily a result of frustration.

She found it bizarre that she got the recognition after opening up about her frustration. ” For two years already, the credit has come and I am very happy and grateful for it in turn ». She also returned to the complicity and the quality of her relationship with Ja Rule. According to her, it was natural with him, since even without prior work together, on stage, the performance is always perfect, beautiful and it shows.

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