Ashley Judd reveals that Naomi Judd committed suicide with a gun

The death of Naomi Judd, on April 30 at the age of 76, was news that paralyzed all lovers of country music since she was considered a legend of the genre.

His daughter, Ashley Judd gave an interview to the Good Morning America program, where with great pain she shared details about Naomi’s passing.

Last Thursday he told the journalist, Diane Sawyer, that his mother used a firearm to take her own life. She clarified that her entire family agreed to reveal the facts.

“He used a firearm, so that’s information that we’re very uncomfortable sharing,” he said.


Ashley revealed that she was the one who found her mother, so she still carries a trauma knowing that she lost her battle with depression.

“I have both pain and trauma for having found her, I was in shock, then I had to break the news, I told my mom’s husband, Larry, because that’s how we always were, a very close family,” he added.


In the same way, he took advantage of the space to advise relatives of people suffering from mental health illnesses and asked not to leave them alone so that they seek help together in a specialized center.

“There are many programs, there are groups, and I advise you to watch them… and to love those who are close to you,” he stressed, before breaking down in tears.

Confirmation of Naomi Judd’s death was shared by her daughter through her Instagram account, mentioning that it was due to mental illness.

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